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Saturday, October 25, 2008

A short update

Finally we got the momster to do some much needed maintenance on our blog. She's not done yet, but at least now it's in progress. Like, she finally added Siris to the sidebar. It's about darn time, he's only been here 4 months now, geeeez!

Also if you look on our sidebar, you'll see some cool logos under the heading "small businesses we support". These are some really brilliant and talented husky mom's that are making their creations available for purchase. So if you're in the market for something unique, personalized, or delectable, please pay them a visit. Just click on the logo to visit their site.

Just some examples: the AO4 mom makes the most wonderful bags, she has several different styles, and is happy to accomodate your request for colors or themes. And you'll be able to tell everyone you have a KZK original! Here's a pic of Chili checking out the cool wolfie Ram-a-Lamb she made for our mom:
And for wonderful treats to delight your tongue and tummy, you really must visit Missy, MayaMarie & Bella's mom at the Happy Hearts site. Everypuppy who tries her cookies dance with joy, and will do just about anything for more! Here's a pic of Bama trying to wait patiently for mom to get the bag open.

Oh pups, I promise you, they are SO GOOD! You'll be able to smell the deliciousness as soon as your human brings the box through the door!
Then there are the clocks that Bama's boyfriends mom makes. She made us a really cool one for our sunroom, with a picture of all of us on it! You can send her your own picture, or choose one of the designs on her DNSBARTS Clock site. Lisa the Mean over at the D'Azul site has Summerwinds products available to keep you looking your very best, and Star & Jack's mom designs greeting cards. So if you're looking for some truly unique gift ideas, and want to support these blogging moms, please go visit their sites and check out what they have to offer.
Christmas is right around the corner, so you might find some great gifts and stocking stuffers!
We'll be back very soon. As soon as she finishes getting up the links to our friends sites, she's promised us to update and acknowledge the awards we've received since we've been awol. She's also promised us to try to update the look of our page, if she can figure out how to do it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We know, we've promised that lots of other stuff would be on our next post, and actually our humom has taken our dictation for the post, she's just been really lazy about shaking the related pictures out of the camera. Something about having to deal with tropical storms and hurricane threats, and trying to herd 5 huskies on her own with dad out of town. We don't really see the problem, we are perfectly behaved angels who don't need to be herded anywhere!

But it just came to our attention that today is the official huzzie and studmuffin day. I believe our queen, Meeshka, will be posting links to all the x-rated photos during her blog of 100 posts, so you can click on her name to go see all the other husky porno pics. Please be cautious though, some employers frown on their employees looking at porn at work, so if you have the sicko kind of humans that enjoy husky porn, please warn them not to get fired. That could cut into your treat and toy budgets, and THAT would be a travesty! Without further ado, we present The River Hill Pack in all our nekkid glory!

Chili in all his glory

Cracker showing off his stuff

Immodest MikkiWell, it seems that either our humans aren't as perverse and twisted as somepups humans out there, or some members of the RHP are more modest than others, mom says she's looked at the hundreds of pics taken of us, but can't find a single porn shot of Bama or Siris. Ok, Siris hasn't been here that long, and it seems he's somewhat shy about showing his stuff, but I know I've seen Bama posing a time or 100, I guess the bipeds just weren't paying attention.

Now, go visit Queen Meeshka's blog to see links to all the other pups participating in this illustrious effort to help her raise money for husky rescue, and while you're there make sure to steal your humans plastic and pledge a donation.

Bye fur now,


Saturday, July 12, 2008

We need an intervention


Our mom has a terrible addiction, and dad and all her friends are enablers. It's time for an intervention. We need a recommendation for a good rehab center, or program we can get her into, her excesses are really getting out of paw. If she keeps this up we're going to have to buy a bigger house.

She's a Huskaholic. It's sad but true. We told you about Osiris coming to stay with us until he could find a ride to his new home. Well.....about a week after he got here, she and dad were talking about how he fit right in, and how much dad loves him because he likes to cuddle with dad in bed, and she saw her chance, and pounced! Next thing we knew, she was talking to that nice Heather lady on the phone for two whole hours! They agreed that they were having a lot of trouble finding him a ride, and that Heather might be able to help another nice pup in a shelter closer to her if he's not there, how much she and dad love him and want him to stay, and all of the sudden, we're a pack of FIVE! Nobody asked ME if I wanted another brother!!

We can't give any details right now, she doesn't want to jinx it and nothing is even close to decided, but she was already working on a possible 5th addition before he got here, so if that turns out the way she hopes, we could end up being a 6-pack! When she mentioned that to dad, he said "Greatttt....then you'll start talking 12-pack, 18-pack & case!"

So....long story short, his name has been shortened to Siris, and he's here to stay. It wouldn't be so bad, but he took my spot in bed with dad. I refuse to share the bed, so I've been sleeping in the family room on the love seat. The only good thing I can see about having to share my dad time is that he keeps the Bamonster really busy playing all the time, and she doesn't have nearly as much time to chew on me anymore. That has been a blessing, as I've been her favorite chew toy for over a year. He's also the only one that can roll her over and hold her down while he chews on her, so it's kind of nice to see her getting what she's been dishing out evfur since she got here. He and Cracker came to a truce, and are getting along just fine now, as long as he remembers that when it comes to mom's cuddle time, Cracker comes first. Chili just ignores him, but that's nothing new, he pretty much ignores evfurrypuppy anyway as long as they don't try to get in his face or take his favorite spot on the couch.

I don't really mind him being here, he's very polite and tries really hard to get along with evfurrypuppy else, but somehow I always end up being low pup on the totem pole, I guess I'll have to start putting my dainty little foot down and demanding attention like evfurrypup else, but I really worry that her addiction has spiralled out of control. We lost all our lovely bones we had stashed around the house, we are on stuffy restriction to make sure nopuppy fights over toys, and I can't sleep in my own comfy bed anymore. If anypuppy out there knows of a good treatment center, please let us know before there are so many of us she can't remember all our names anymore! Or maybe there is a group for us to learn how deal with her addiction, anypup evfur heard of Huskanon? Seriously, I wonder if my sweet Jack-of-Hearts has room for me at his house, I liked it much better around here when evfurry night was a 3 Dog Night. My annoying sister was bad enough, but now things are just getting out of paw, and becoming a pain in my fluffy tail!

Mom & dad have taken lots of pictures in the last week or so, but haven't pawed them out of the camera thingy yet, so I don't have any new pics to share with you, but we'll get some up here soon, I pawromise! In the meantime, if you have any suggestions to help us break her habit, please let me know.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Welcome new pack member

OK, he's only a temporary member, but this here post is tuh introduce.....Osiris! Osiris is a victim of divorce. His mama couldn't keep 'im, an his daddy dint want 'im, so a nahce lady named Heather who lives in Illinois is gonna adopt him intuh her pack. It maht take her a little whahl to set up all the details of his transport, an his daddy wanted him gone immediately, so mama volunteered to puppysit til thuh transport details git worked out.

Osiris is 10 months old, an he's never gone tuh thuh vet afore yesterday. Mom picked him up, an took him straight tuh see our doc. He got his shots fur thuh first time ever, an mama says he got rilly lucky cuz he's heartworm negative, even though he ain't never been on any preventatives! He also checked negative for all thuh other nasty worms, but he does have an infecshin in his raht ear, so Dr. Athey gave mama some drops that she has tuh put inta his ear twahce a day. He still had his razor puppy claws, so he got a pedicure, an he has these really funny floppy dew claws on his back feet! Dr. Athey said that they can be removed real easy when he gets fixed (he doesn't look broke tuh us, but we all had tuh be fixed too, an none of us were broke neither).
Daddy was home with us afore mama brung him in, an he took us all out tuh the backyard afore they came in the house. Then they let us in one at a time tuh meet him. Ah was first, an we wagged tails an sniffed each other good, but Ah decided he was ok, considerin he could be competition for mama's affecshuns. Then Bama came in an they hit it off real well, Ah think mebbe he has a crush on our sister. Mama & daddy wasn't real worried bout Mikki or Chili, so they let both of 'em come in an meet him tuhgether. Then we all went out tuh the backyard for a good romp, rassle n sniff. Mama kep' his leash on fur a coupla minutes, but purty soon it was obvious that we all wanted tuh play a good game of tag, so she took it off an let us run an rassle an play. (He's purty fun, but y'all dint hear me say that!)
Soon we was all outta breath an thirsty, so everypuppy ran in the house fur a good long drink, an so we cud show him 'round the den. Everypuppy got along jes fahn, til he got a little too close tuh mah mama, then Ah put him in his place! Ah'm mama's heartdog, an he needs tuh earn the raht tuh get her 'ttenshun!! Mama broke it up raht quick though, an once she gave me lovins an told me Ah'm still her heart-dog, Ah calmed back down an figgered he aint really a threat.
About a half hour later, he foun a bone unner thuh coffee table that mama & daddy dint find when they wuz policing thuh house fur potenshul trouble-causers, an Chili got rilly nasty bout it, now poor Osiris has a booboo on his schnoz, but mama checked 'im an it dint appear tuh be serious. Daddy & she rechecked thuh house raht quick lahk tuh make sure there weren't no more bones or toys tuh cause any problems! We bin in & out several more tahmes, an don't tell anyone, but we've all figgered we kahnda lahke the new kid.

This here's a video of our first play session:

Here's a coupla pics of our first meet & greet play session. Osiris looks a lot lahk Mikki as far as his coat colors, but he's gotta open face insteada her strahkin mask an eyelahner.

Our next post'll be 'bout the new bag mama got, specially made for her bah the AO4's mama. It shoulda been this post, but we insisted that we wanted to introduce Osiris first.

Slurpy kisses,


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Banning State Representatives

It came to our attention very recently that Ohio State Representative Tyrone Yates has introduced a bill in that state (http://www.legislature.state.oh.us/bills.cfm?ID=127_HB_568)
that will ban all pit bulls in that state. You can visit the link above to read the full text of the proposed law.
There are so many things wrong with this bill that we can never list them all, but at the top of the list is the fact that if this law passes, it will be up to the dog warden or other official to determine whether or not the dog is a pit, within 90 days of the law passing all pit owners will be forced to surrender their pets, and if a person is suspected or reported to have a pit they are subject to search and seizure of the dog. Finally, all pits seized or turned over willingly will be "humanely euthanized" within 10 days. This is horrifying, and a frightening example of government abuse of power. Our mom signed a petition here:
and when given the opportunity she added the following comment to her signature.

"I suggest that someone propose a bill that bans all OH representatives. Anyone found harboring a representative should immediately turn said rep. over to concerned pet owners to be humanely euthanized within 10 days. What? We shouldn't judge all lawmakers based on the actions of one misguided fool? Ridiculous, isn't it?
What madness is this? Who is to determine whether the dog is a pit or not? I'm not a fan of pits myself, but I staunchly defend the rights of any responsible pet owner to
1) not be terrorized by threats to their beloved pets based on prejudiced or fear based hysteria and
2) enjoy their rights to their privacy and property ownership afforded to all US citizens.

This insanity needs to stop. You can't judge a dog by it's breed any more than you can judge a human by the color of their skin. Any legislation regarding pit bulls (or any other breed) needs to be enacted on a case by case basis, not a law that bans and threatens to kill all members of a specific breed. If our representatives are brain-dead, perhaps we need to shock them back to cognitive thinking by threatening to remove them from their position of power. I thank God I don't live in Ohio, but if this law passes, I may wish I had, so I could add my voice to those raised in anger and disbelief against this elected lawmaker. If this law passes it will open up the door to representatives from other states to try something similar, pet owners everywhere, BEWARE!"
Pups, if you think this doesn't affect you, you better think again. If this law passes your breed could be next. And if this law passes, it will encourage other states to believe they can adopt similar laws. So please, for the sake of beloved furballs everywhere, go sign the petition so your voice will be heard and lawmakers will be put on notice that we won't stand for having our family members taken into custody and killed because of mass paranoia!
Climbing down off our soapbox now, but please....
Beware & Be Aware,
The RHP and their mom

Monday, May 26, 2008

Tearful Goodbye and Gotchaversaries

We had planned to have mom type a post for us about our gotchaversaries this weekend, but then we got the sad, sad news about our dear friend Tasha. She and her sister Eva were among our very first friends when we started blogging, and we've always loved reading about them and their adventures. She hasn't been feeling herself for a while now, and her mom & dad have been doing everything they & the doctor could think of to make her feel better, and to try to find out what was causing it. We're very sorry to say that in spite of all the good wishes and prayers being sent from all their blogging friends, Tasha told them on Saturday that it was time for them to let her go. Bless their mom & dad for loving her enough, and understanding what she was telling them, to help her on her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Please stop by their blog and remind them that they aren't alone, and that all the DWBers are thinking of them and Eva. We're sure they'll appreciate knowing how much we all loved Tasha, and love and care about them too.

Sweet Tasha, you were half husky, so wear your silver harness with pride beautiful girl, you've well earned it. If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever, and you will live forever in the hearts of all those you touched.

September 1997-May 24, 2008

Ok, maybe just bit about the 'versaries......

One year ago today, mom & dad found me in a flea market in Mobile, AlaBAMA, and I joined the River Hill Pack. Here are a couple of pics from my very first day. I didn't even get to meet the rest of my sibelings until the next evening when mom & dad brought me home to Florieduh.

Three years ago this weekend, my big brother Cracker joined the pack. Back then it was Granddogs Starr & Ice, and Chili was a little more than one year old. The granddogs were getting slower and didn't really want to play much any more, and mom & dad were worried about Chili being lonely, so they decided to get him a puppy of his very own. On the Friday before Memorial Day mom found a man down the road in St. Augustine, Florieduh that had some husky puppies for sale, so after she got off work she went home and got Chili and took him down to see if he would pick out his puppy (Daddy was on a fishing trip with his dad & brother in Mobile, AL.). The man called himself a breeder, but the conditions were deplorable, she found Cracker with 4 of his sibelings in a wire crate, sitting on top of a couple of plastic milk crates in the front yard, with a tarp thrown over the top to keep the rain out. Mommy was so upset she wanted to take all of them home, but had only brought enough money to buy one. Chili had absolutely no interest in any of the pups, but mom picked up Cracker, then each of his sisters and brothers. She was trying to make herself leave without a pup, knowing that she shouldn't encourage this man to breed more puppies, but she kept coming back to Cracker (she's such a sucker for babies!) Finally, she convinced herself that she could at least give one of them a better life, so she gave the man the money he wanted, signed and grabbed the paperwork, and ran with the boys to the Suberian Baja, just as the skies opened up with a terrible thunderstorm.

On the way home she was worried that he would be scared, between leaving his first home and all the lightning and thunderboomers going off outside the car, so she let him sit in her lap, but he wasn't scared at all. She had on a blouse that buttoned down the front, and he kept chewing on her buttons and unbuttoning her blouse. After about the 3rd time that she had to button back up, she looked down at him and said "You're just a little firecracker, aren't you?", and he had his name, Chili's FireCracker. When she got home and got the boys safely into the house, she called daddy and told him that we had a new addition to the family, and what his name was. Daddy said "Honey, we live in the south, I'm not sure it's P.C. to have a dog named Cracker, what if we name him FireCrackerJack and call him Jack?" So his name was lengthened to FireCrackerJack, but they didn't decide for sure what to call him until daddy got home, then after spending just a few minutes with him, he said "You're right, he's a Cracker alright!

So Chili got his Cracker, and Mikki's just glad they didn't name her Cheese, howroorooroo. Here are a couple of pics of Crackers first weekend. (Mom says please ignore the dirty ears & feet, he hadn't even had his first bath yet! Also for some reason the date on the photos is wrong, we're not sure how that happened....but we have about 2 years worth of pics that have funny dates on them!)

We hope you enjoyed our trip down memory lane and our baby pictures, it was kind of fun remembering how we came to be members of the RHP.

Also, please don't forget to stop by and share some love with Eva and her parents, our hearts go out to them, and we share in their tears and sorrow.

Love & slurpy kisses,

Bama, Cracker, Mikki & Chili

P.S. It's Memorial Day, please don't forget to say a prayer for all our service men & women who put their lives on the line every day, and for those who've given their lives to keep us safe and free. There can be no greater sacrifice, and we can never repay the debt we owe to all of them.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tagged again....and again

Howrrooooo everypuppy!

We had to threaten to leave home and go find some other human that doesn't neglect us so shamefully before we FINALLY got mom to put up a new post for us, but she finally realized she'd made us wait way too long.

First up, it's me, Chili. I'm very proud to announce that the beawooootiful, amazing, gorgeous Dakota said yes! I'm not destined to spend the rest of my life lonely and wooing for a grrrl of my own. Thank you lovely Dakota, you've made me the happiest husky in the world, and I can't wait until we can take those long walks on the beach together.

We've been tagged by 2 of our fureinds to play the memoir game, by both Thor, and the Jack of Hearts (of Cyber-sibes fame). Cracker & I will play for Thor, and the girls for Jack. Here are the rules as quoted by Jack:

Write your own six word memoir.Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you’d like.Link to the person that tagged you in your post, and to the original post if possible so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere.Tag at least five more blogs with links.Don’t forget to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.

Since we're so happy just to have mom put up a post for us, we're gonna take it easy on her this time, and let her skip the pics except one to identify who is playing. Since I'm already dictating, I'll go furst.

1. Chuffy (chubby & fluffy)
2. Cuddly
3. Debonair
4. Supervisor
5. Groomophobic
6. Oldest

Cracker here, I guess I'll go next:
1. Gentlest

2. Televisionaholic

3. Fastest

4. Pickiest

5. Calmest

6. Flirtiest Mikki here, my turn, my turn:

1. Teflon

2. Eyeliner

3. Daintiest

4. Nibblekisser

5. Digger

6. ProtectorBama here, I guess I'm last, but never least:

1. Shy

2. Vocal

3. Persistant

4. Surfer

5. Singer

6. Kissiest

Wowoooo, that was lots of fun. We're not sure who to tag, cause everypuppy is so much better at blogging these days than we are, I'm pretty sure all our fureinds have already played. But....if you haven't played yet, consider yourself tagged!

We're not even gonna promise to do better about keeping our blog up, 'cause we're subject to the whims of our momster and she's been so busy lately that it's really hard to get her to sign in here. But before we go, we'd like to ask everypuppy to stop by Tasha & Eva's blog and send the grrrrls some love and good wishes. Our dear fureind Tasha has been having some really scary health issues, and lots of medical tests lately, her mom, dad & sister are all very worried about her, so please go visit and show them some love.

For everypuppy else that is going through health issues, just know that we're thinking of each and every one of you, and sending our sibe-vibes flying your way.

Until next time,

Many kisses & Husky hugs,

The River Hill Pack