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Thursday, July 19, 2007

About us.....

My name is Bama, and mom & dad rescued me from a flea market vendor in Mobile AL on Memorial Day weekend, 2007. I came home to find I was just the latest, (definitely not the least) member in a pack that now numbers 8. Four future HULA members (hopefully....), two 2-legged slaves we call mom & dad, and 2 granddogs who now live on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, but will always have a place in our home and hearts. We also have a part-time 9th member, Boogie, who is the 2-legged grandpuppy of mom & dad, and our favorite boy ever! He usually comes to visit us almost every weekend, and has his own room in our house, full of fun stuffies, but mom & dad won't let us in there when he's not here. (big meanies!)

My big sister Mikki just turned 1 year old in April, and she's a sweet and gentle girl who is trying very hard to teach me some manners, but since I'm the future queen of the pack, I pretend not to listen to a thing she says, why would I take orders from my favorite chew toy?? Mom & Dad got her in North Georgia 1 year ago this month, they thought that having a girl in the house might teach the boys some decorum, but they are almost as rough on her as I am. We're all just trying to get her to stop worrying so much, for her own good, although I think worrying must be ingrained into her nature.

My future boyfriend Cracker turned 2 at the end of March, mom got him from a "breeder" down the road in St. Augustine FL (the oldest city in the US, for you history buffs). It was very similar to her adoption of me, she said the guy didn't deserve money, he deserved to be beat, and if she'd have been able to, she would have adopted all his sibs, too. They decided that since the granddogs were getting too old to play with, or tolerate Chili, that he needed a puppy of his own to keep him company and in shape. (round is a shape, heehee). He got his name because he was sitting on mom's lap on the ride home, and he kept unbuttoning her shirt with his teeth, she finally said "You're just a little firecracker, aren't you?", after the 4th or 5th time of covering herself back up, and he became Cracker before they ever even reached home.

Chili turned 3 in January, and he was a birthday gift for Boogie's 8th birthday. They thought that since Starr and Ice were getting so old and lazy, that maybe a puppy would put some spring back into their steps, (and it worked for a while!), and that Boogie was here so much of the time that he needed a puppy of his own. Smart humans, every boy needs a puppy, just as every puppy needs a boy! Thank Dog Chili shares his boy with all of us cause he's the best boy ever, even if he does tend to favor Chili, he makes sure never to forget the rest of us and share the love and fun.

Starr was a Christmas present from mom to dad in 1991, and neither of them had any idea what they were getting into with a husky, but Starr trained them well, and before 1 year was up, she convinced them that they needed another husky to keep her company. Ice was moms birthday gift, in September of 1992, and that, as they say, was the beginning of the end. The slaves were completely enamored, and swore the rest of their lives and fealty to huskies forever after.

I just have to tell you about Mikki's latest success at freaking mom out. We were all completely convinced that nothing in the world could scare her, when Cracker brought snakes into the house, she calmly picked them up and put them in her garden out front, to deter the squirrels and grasshoppers. She's taken away rats, possums, squirrels, birds, and lizards without blinking an eye. But last night Mikki found her weakness! Our backyard wraps around the side of the house up to the gate, and there are lots of bushes on that end of the house. At night the spiders start building their silken traps between the bushes. Last night Mikki went around that side of the yard, and was scratching and pawing at the fence (she must have smelled something tasty on the other side), and she wouldn't come in until mom came & got her. Well.....when mom started walking between the bushes, she walked face first through some poor spider's web, and we were rolling on the ground laughing as she danced and jumped around the yard brushing at her hair and clothes. She got aggravated and told us it wasn't funny, it wasn't natural, anything with that many legs should only exist in horror movies, but there wasn't even a spider on her, just the web! It was SO funny, Mik tried it again tonight, but mom went and got a flashlight and a stick to knock the webs down before she walked through there, poor spiders, all that work for nothing....

I guess that introduces all of us, and gives you a little of our history, more details to come after Meeshka's big event next weekend. By the way, did you go pledge all of your human's money yet? Hello!!! What are you waiting for??? We furballs have to stick together and support one another, you know? Stop napping and go get those donations! I told our queen that I thought she would reach $2500, don't make me look any sillier than I already do trying to grow into these big feet of mine, go show your support for exploding furballs in need!

Talk to you again after the blogathon, power to the HULA hoop!


Greetings from the River Hill Pack!

Hi Everyhusky!
I'm Bama, and I'm the owner of this blog. I finally got my stupid humom to figure out how to do this....woohoo, I've been working on her for a couple of weeks!
I'm not going to say much for now, I would rather that everyone go see her Royal Fluffiness Meeshka's blog at http://meeshkaworld.blogspot.com/, and make your humans donate to her worthy efforts in the upcoming blogathon to help the Harnessed To Hope folks. I'll have plenty to say after the big event, I promise! Until then, I'm going to be working on getting up some pictures and stuff so you'll know who we all are. GO VISIT MEESHKA, OUR QUEEN, AND PLEDGE ALL YOUR HUMANS MONEY!! DON'T WAIT, GO NOW!! DON'T MAKE ME BITE YOU!! GRRRRRROOOWWWRRR