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Friday, October 26, 2007

Hard at Work on our Mission from the AO4

Howroo Everypup (& Kitties),
Dad finally loaded our pictures, so we get to report on our efforts to complete our mission as assigned by the AO4. But before we get to that.....
OK, so it wasn't much of an adventure, but he sure had mom & dad going! Here's what happened:
About 3AM this morning, we decided we all had to go out. Daddy was asleep in bed where most humans are at this time, but mommy opened the back door and let us out, then sat down by the door to wait for us. Cracker heard a possum or raccoon on the other side of our fence, and decided he better go make sure that critter knew not to come into our yard. Mama heard him hit the fence, and knew instantly that he was on his way over. She came running out in the yard in her fuzzy slippers, robe flapping, trying not to fall in any of our holes, and yellin "Cracker, NO!".
Too late, mom, he's already gone...
She went through the gate (very carefully to not let any of the rest of us out), calling to him, but quickly figured out he had gone over the side into the neighbors back yard, so she came back through the gate, hustled us all in the house, went & woke up dad & told him to keep an eye on us while she went to try to find the Crackerhead, having terrifying visions the whole time of trying to find a loose Sibe in the dark and knowing precious seconds had been lost getting us in the house, waking up dad and getting the flashlight. She went out the front door, around the side of the house where he escaped, called to him, and he came right up to her! She picked him up and carried him in the front door, and soon as he got into the family room we all jumped and mauled him. She thought we were telling him off for leaving without us, HA! We were making it clear, in no uncertain terms, how unSibelike his behaviour was. What husky ever comes when they're free & the humans call? What husky escapes their yard and doesn't immediately start sprinting for Siberia? What was he thinkin???
Anywoo, he was on double super probation all day, not allowed out of the house without a 2-legged escort, but he was on his best behaviour. He said runnin free is one thing, but no way he could leave the rest of the pack behind.

Now on to our mission from the AO4. As you may or may not remember from a previous post, our mission was to invade China through the back door in Florie-duh, conveniently located somewhere in our backyard.
We've been hard at work, trying to locate the secret hidden hatch. Following are the pictures of all our hard work. Mom had to receive several fresh claw wounds before she would agree to let us post the pictures, but was it ever in doubt who would win this arguement? You won't see any pictures of Chili digging, he says he's the team supervisor & doesn't DO physical labor, "Somehusky has to be the boss"
Mikki hard at work

Cracker the Excavator

Bama taking a turn

Mikki reviewing our Accomplishments

Some pictures of our attempted assault on China.

Troop meeting to discuss our tactical doctrine

It's gonna take a lot of naps to build our strength back up for the next assault!

Sniff y'all again when we wake up....
The River Hill Excavation Team

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Facts about US

The lovely Miss HollyBollyBananaBoo tagged everyone to play a new game and list 8 facts about themselves. We thought it sounded fun and a grrrreat way to get to know more about our puppals (and them about us) so here we go.....

Since this is my blog, I'll go first:
1) When I stand on my back legs I'm almost as tall as mama, there is no counter in the house I can't surf with ease.
2) I don't sound anything like the other huskoids in the house, I have a REALLY deep growly voice, even when I was a tiny baby I sounded like a BIG dog.
3) I'm not a full husky, I'm actually a husky/wolf hybrid. The guy mom & dad got me from tried to convince them I'm full timberwolf, but even our vet said he wouldn't have been able to sell me without a permit & she was sure I had husky in me, but the wolf part of me explains my size and deep voice.
4) When I run outside with the rest of my pack I don't do zoomies like the rest of the furballs, I lope like a wolf. Dad says I look like I'm runnin in slowmo, but I'm deceptively fast.
5) I LOVE to eat, mom & dad say my legs must be hollow cause they've never been able to feed me enough to not want more, I always try to steal ALL the food so they feed me first to keep me busy so everyhusky else can get some. Once it's theirs I won't try to take it away, but until it's in their mouth or bowl it's fair game!
6) I'm very resistant to any type of training, though with lots of persistance & stubborn parents I'm finally starting to get some of it.....
7) My favorite time with my humans is first thing in the morning when I hold mom down and wash her face thoroughly before I allow her to get out of bed.
8) Considering that I'm part wolf, surprisingly I have no interest in hunting, (except for stalking Cracker). Mama thinks it's funny how skittish I am with anything that moves.

Mikki here, I'm gonna take my turn next:
1) I love to hunt, my favorite prey is lizards and I spend lots of time patrolling our fence & checking all their hiding places. When I catch them I don't eat them, but I love to play with them.
2) I'm a very dainty, girly-girl and don't like to roughhouse as much as the rest of the pack, though I will get into the games for a short time occasionally.
3) Although most of my pics make me look like a black & white, I'm actually a quad-color, black, silver, tan & white (kinda like the Bamonster, but she's got a lot more white on her).
4) I'm pretty nervous around dogs that aren't part of my pack, at last years Husky Howl I hung out by the fence and tried to avoid strangers.
5) I'm not at all demanding, and usually make the humans come to me if they want to love on me. The exception is in bed, I love to cuddle & get tummy rubs in bed.
6)My very favorite pasttime in the world is gazing at the sky, day or night, if I'm outside & not on lizard patrol I'm sittin right in the middle of the yard staring at the sky.
7) When I give huskykisses I like to nibble on bottom lips. I never hurt, just gentle nibbles but this is how I've always given kisses.
8) When we went to last years Husky Howl, the SHRF (Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida) volunteer, Tracy, that was organizing the whole party said if they'd met me before the party they would have included a "longest tail" contest cause for sure I had the longest husky tail they'd ever seen.

Cracker here, Ah guess Ah'll take mah turn next:
1) Yea, Ah really do speak with a southern accent.
2) Mama says huskies have the prettiest eyes in the world, an Ah have the prettiest eyes of any husky she's ever seen.
3) Ah'm a born escape artist an had a couple of really scary adventures before ma & pa figgered out how to keep me contained, & Ah figgered out the best place to be was at home with the rest of mah pack.
4)Ah LOVE to watch TV. Speshully animal shows. Mah favorites are nature documentaries. Mama furst discovered my fascination with the boobtube when I was jest a youngpup, she pawsed the TV for somethin, an it just happened to paws with a pitcher of a bad guy on the screen. Ah knowd he was a bad guy! Ah yelled & yelled at him, hid behind the couch & poked mah head out & he was still there so Ah yelled some more, an Ah dint stop yellin til she unpawsed & that bad guy got out of our livin room!
5) Ah may have a red neck, an talk like a red neck, but Ah'm really very edumacated an have et very many good books.
6) Ah'm the best excavator in our pack, soon's dad uploads the pics Ah'll show y'all some of mah best efforts to complete our mission from the AO4 and sneak into China through the backdoor in Florie-duh.
7) Ah love my stuffies, an when Ah'm done playin with 'em, I hide 'em from the rest of the pack so's they won't go tryin to destuff 'em. Sometimes though, Ah have to get mama to help me cause Ah hide 'em so good Ah can't get to 'em again by mahself.
8) No grrrrls can resist me when Ah make mah flirty sexy bedroom eyes at 'em.

Chili here, I guess it's true, last but definitely not least!
1) I'm definitely the smartest in my pack, the rest of these guys are just doofus's.
2) I'm the worlds best couch potato, if they gave an award for couch potatoism our mantle would be full of my trophies.
3) I'm the fluffiest husky in the world! (OK, I may share the title with Queen Meeshka, but I'd definitely give her a run for her treats, just ask the poor Rainbow that has to try to suck up all my excess fur)
4) I'm scared of Advantage. OK, so it's a dumb thing to be scared of, but I'm still scared. Every month when the humans get the meds out, I take my heartworm pill, then run and hide under the coffee table and refuse to come out. They have to sneak up and dose me when I'm not paying attention.
5) I'm the cuddliest husky in the pack, and don't even mind when mom or the BoogieBoy use me as a pillow, long as they're loving on me at the same time.
6) I taught Cracker everything he knows about escapism, then I retired.
7) Even though I'm the shortest husky in the house, I can jump higher than anyhusky else. When the leashes come out and I know we're going somewhere I start jumping up & down waiting for them to open the door, I can jump straight up and my nose reaches the top of the door! Mom calls me her "Mexican Jumping Bean".
8) I'm the boss! Period, end of story! They're MY humans, My food, My toys, My bed, My couch, MINE, MINE, MINE. The rest of them are just lucky I share....

Now, here are the rules;
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight dogs at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

Since Miss Holly already tagged anyone who hasn't already played to join in the fun, we're just going to second that motion. If you haven't already played, consider yourselves tagged!
We'll try to get dad to upload the pics so we can tell y'all about our efforts to invade China in our next post, and we'll be sure to take lots of pics at the Husky Howl this weekend so we can post about that next week. Cracker invited Miss Shelby to come to Florie-duh to attend the festivities as his date, (and Maddox to be her escort) so we'll have to let you know whether or not her mom agrees to bring her all the way from Tex-us, and how their furst date goes.

Until then,
Manykisses & Husky Hugs from
Bama & the River Hill Pack