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Friday, October 26, 2007

Hard at Work on our Mission from the AO4

Howroo Everypup (& Kitties),
Dad finally loaded our pictures, so we get to report on our efforts to complete our mission as assigned by the AO4. But before we get to that.....
OK, so it wasn't much of an adventure, but he sure had mom & dad going! Here's what happened:
About 3AM this morning, we decided we all had to go out. Daddy was asleep in bed where most humans are at this time, but mommy opened the back door and let us out, then sat down by the door to wait for us. Cracker heard a possum or raccoon on the other side of our fence, and decided he better go make sure that critter knew not to come into our yard. Mama heard him hit the fence, and knew instantly that he was on his way over. She came running out in the yard in her fuzzy slippers, robe flapping, trying not to fall in any of our holes, and yellin "Cracker, NO!".
Too late, mom, he's already gone...
She went through the gate (very carefully to not let any of the rest of us out), calling to him, but quickly figured out he had gone over the side into the neighbors back yard, so she came back through the gate, hustled us all in the house, went & woke up dad & told him to keep an eye on us while she went to try to find the Crackerhead, having terrifying visions the whole time of trying to find a loose Sibe in the dark and knowing precious seconds had been lost getting us in the house, waking up dad and getting the flashlight. She went out the front door, around the side of the house where he escaped, called to him, and he came right up to her! She picked him up and carried him in the front door, and soon as he got into the family room we all jumped and mauled him. She thought we were telling him off for leaving without us, HA! We were making it clear, in no uncertain terms, how unSibelike his behaviour was. What husky ever comes when they're free & the humans call? What husky escapes their yard and doesn't immediately start sprinting for Siberia? What was he thinkin???
Anywoo, he was on double super probation all day, not allowed out of the house without a 2-legged escort, but he was on his best behaviour. He said runnin free is one thing, but no way he could leave the rest of the pack behind.

Now on to our mission from the AO4. As you may or may not remember from a previous post, our mission was to invade China through the back door in Florie-duh, conveniently located somewhere in our backyard.
We've been hard at work, trying to locate the secret hidden hatch. Following are the pictures of all our hard work. Mom had to receive several fresh claw wounds before she would agree to let us post the pictures, but was it ever in doubt who would win this arguement? You won't see any pictures of Chili digging, he says he's the team supervisor & doesn't DO physical labor, "Somehusky has to be the boss"
Mikki hard at work

Cracker the Excavator

Bama taking a turn

Mikki reviewing our Accomplishments

Some pictures of our attempted assault on China.

Troop meeting to discuss our tactical doctrine

It's gonna take a lot of naps to build our strength back up for the next assault!

Sniff y'all again when we wake up....
The River Hill Excavation Team


Tasha & Eva said...

Cracker, you were freeeeee!! It was probably a good thing you didn't run away. There is lots of danger for a pup to get into out there. Great excacution of your mission! You guys keep at it and you'll get to China very soon. We're glad that you are getting your rest after a hard day of digging! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

Koda said...

Nice looking pits you have there! I have been helping sister try to tunnel under the deck, but she got impatient this morning and decided to just move the dang thing. Wish we had more memebers in our pack. Takes so long to accomplish anything with just the two of us.

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Wow! All of you have done a wonderful job!!! I have to say my favorite photo is the butt to butt photo on the sofa! WOw, that is talent right there. Oh, I also LOVE the troop meeting photo! I love how you all work together!

P.S. I love you all, but go dawgs!! You gotta love the score of 42 to 30 :) Kisses :)

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Woo Bama and Gang... Mom said she thinks that the Gators were very worn out from last weeks game. Also, with your QB hurt, it hurt the Gator's over all game. Mom and I say congrats to you as well for a well played game. Dad said it was going to be a high scoring game before the game began, and he was right. When GA scored, FL answered it. It really wasn't until the 4th quarter that the table turned. Mom said that she thinks that the FL QB was really hurt on one of those last hits.

Anyroo! Congrats on a well played game.
Lots of hugs!

The Army of Four said...

Ha rooooooooooo! You have ALL done a magnificent job! I'm so proud of you, Troopers! My Mom was looking over my shoulder as I read your post and admired your photos; her comment was "Only Siberians could dig holes to China and look so CUTE afterwards." Yeah, baby! It's called "self defense"! Ha rooooo!
OutSTANDing job!
Tail wags,

Holly said...

Wow, great excavation work! I can see why you are all so tired! I LOVE the sleepy pics!!


-- The Mullin Clan's Mommy -- said...

OMG, I'm laughing so hard I have tears running down my face! I was going to let Cosi leave a comment, but after seeing those pics - it is the mommy's turn LOL.

Cracker, I can just imagine what you put your mommy through at 3:00am or at any time getting free. I'm so glad you came back to your mommy. When our Sibe girls in the past have got out of our yard, I would run out of the house with a handful of cheese & yelling after them. The "wild woman" of PGH I must have looked like. Once without shoes even. But, I got all my girls back each time, thank goodness! So far, we have been lucky with Cosi & Juni staying in our yard. We don't let them go in the backyard (even though it is fenced in) without one of us out there with them. Cosi had found ways to get out of his foster-families fenced-in backyard. When they are in the side run, we keep monitoring them.

Your backyard really has some deep holes. You really were digging to China!

Those pics of all of you resting up are soooo precious!

Thanx for asking about me. I am doing really good. Can eat a lot more. Not ready for steak or pepperoni pizza yet. That is my food goals when this whole ordeal is over. My next surgery where they will install my brandi-new TMJ joint is 12/4.

Juneau is doing great. Stop by to see pics of him wearing his lampshade.
Hugs & Kisses,
Marlene (Cosmos' & Juneau's mommy)

Amici said...

Wow! That is a lot of digging! Maybe you can dig your way to China!

I like to sleep like you all do! Those are great pics. You captured some of my favorite positions! :) Adorable.

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Wow, I'm impressed! No wonder you are all so tired. I am the digger in our family, but we have solid rock like one inch under the grass, so I never get very far.


Bama said...

Tasha & Eva,
Cracker here, Ah jest cain't stand the thought of leavin mah pack, soon's mama started callin me Ah cut thru the neighbors yard & around to the front to let mama knowd Ah was alright. I'm such a homeboy, and so mellow, loving to watch TV & cuddle lahk Ah do, mama & dad were shocked today at the husky howl cause I really showed mah butt, Ah wanted to make shur everyhusky stayed away from mah grrrls. I'll post about it in the next post, with lots of pitchers, but the bottom lahn is Ah'v not been a good canine citizen lately. Oh Woooo is me....

Koda: thanks for the tip, Ah thank the 4 of us cud move the stoopid hottub out of our yard, but then where would we play king of the hill?

Sitka & Tia: Congratulations, those Dawgs deserved it, they fought hard for it, and there's always next year.....Hugs

Thanks for the encouraging & motivating words, we'll keep diggin. We've decided that scientists that study Florie-Duh are stoopid. They think its build on limestone caves & underground rivers & such, speakin from experience, we know that the entire state is held up by tree roots. No matter where we dig we hit a root & have to start a new hole. Ifn someone was to chop down all the trees, Florie-duh would sink raht into the ocean.

Thank you mightily Miss Holly, we did work hard, and were fearsome tired. All the events at the Husky Howl today were pretty exhaustin too, so we're not done nappin yet!

We're all so glad you're feelin better, maybe you can substitute lobster for steak! Our mommy says she could live on lobster, and it's fairly easy to chew....Daddy makes a dish he calls crustless pizza, he cooks up a mess of egg noodles, then layers them like a pizza; noodles, sauce, your choice of toppings, cheese. Repeat to top of bowl then back for one hour. Might solve your pizza craving & it's a whole lot easier to chew.
One time Chili had gotten out & mama had just read something that told her to drop to the ground & sob loudly, the escaped husky will return to find out what's wrong. That trick only works one time though, then he caught on, laughed at her & picked up the speed...

We think those are every huskies sleep positions, ya gotta lay belly up to air everythang out, and in case some human walking by feels a need to rub da belly.

They put rocks under your yard?? That's so unfair! You can both come to our den & dig with us anytime. Can ya dig it, howrooorooo?
Husky Hugs & Play Bows
The Southern Cracker Man
(currently in detention)

Bama said...

Sorry Marlene,
Mama's tired, you have to bake the crustless pizza for 1 hour at 350.

Turbo the Sibe said...

I declared the Gators to be stupid because my Human went to U of GA for a year. Obviously all mascots are stupid except for huskies.

For the record, I think the Seminoles are by far more stupid than Gators. In fact there is only one thing more stupid, Jayhawks (Kansas). (My Human also went to U of Missouri.)

cyber-sibes said...

Woooos to you all!
What a great digging job. Jack just posted about his pitiful little digs in the yard, but you guys are champs- those holes are terrific - right up there with my Sherman's! He almost made it to China, but those darn roots spread from Florida clear up to Ohio!!!
Mikki, Jack hopes you won't hold it against him that he doesn't quite have the art of hole-digging down yet. He IS working on it.
And Cracker's escape at 3 am had us both howling! Go Cracker!
Hope you guys are all rested u & ready for action again soon. Sweet dreams!

Wooos & a-rooos,
Star & the Jack a-roo

sharkgila said...

Ah! That field of holes! Such good fun work. I wish my mommy lets me dig so much too, maybe we can meet somewhere along the way to China.

Sleepy sleepy. Love the upside down pose.


Katherine and Pippa, said...

Gosh, I am barkless. What amazing effort. Bt I have to say I am more impressed with your sleeping - that looks seriously good.

Bama, it was nearly a month ago about the questions wasn't it?

But if you get time it would be fun. I have answered some from two other girlfriends, but I am always more than willing to answer all my girlfriends' questions.

Pippa (x oops and one for Mikki too x)