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Monday, May 26, 2008

Tearful Goodbye and Gotchaversaries

We had planned to have mom type a post for us about our gotchaversaries this weekend, but then we got the sad, sad news about our dear friend Tasha. She and her sister Eva were among our very first friends when we started blogging, and we've always loved reading about them and their adventures. She hasn't been feeling herself for a while now, and her mom & dad have been doing everything they & the doctor could think of to make her feel better, and to try to find out what was causing it. We're very sorry to say that in spite of all the good wishes and prayers being sent from all their blogging friends, Tasha told them on Saturday that it was time for them to let her go. Bless their mom & dad for loving her enough, and understanding what she was telling them, to help her on her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Please stop by their blog and remind them that they aren't alone, and that all the DWBers are thinking of them and Eva. We're sure they'll appreciate knowing how much we all loved Tasha, and love and care about them too.

Sweet Tasha, you were half husky, so wear your silver harness with pride beautiful girl, you've well earned it. If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever, and you will live forever in the hearts of all those you touched.

September 1997-May 24, 2008

Ok, maybe just bit about the 'versaries......

One year ago today, mom & dad found me in a flea market in Mobile, AlaBAMA, and I joined the River Hill Pack. Here are a couple of pics from my very first day. I didn't even get to meet the rest of my sibelings until the next evening when mom & dad brought me home to Florieduh.

Three years ago this weekend, my big brother Cracker joined the pack. Back then it was Granddogs Starr & Ice, and Chili was a little more than one year old. The granddogs were getting slower and didn't really want to play much any more, and mom & dad were worried about Chili being lonely, so they decided to get him a puppy of his very own. On the Friday before Memorial Day mom found a man down the road in St. Augustine, Florieduh that had some husky puppies for sale, so after she got off work she went home and got Chili and took him down to see if he would pick out his puppy (Daddy was on a fishing trip with his dad & brother in Mobile, AL.). The man called himself a breeder, but the conditions were deplorable, she found Cracker with 4 of his sibelings in a wire crate, sitting on top of a couple of plastic milk crates in the front yard, with a tarp thrown over the top to keep the rain out. Mommy was so upset she wanted to take all of them home, but had only brought enough money to buy one. Chili had absolutely no interest in any of the pups, but mom picked up Cracker, then each of his sisters and brothers. She was trying to make herself leave without a pup, knowing that she shouldn't encourage this man to breed more puppies, but she kept coming back to Cracker (she's such a sucker for babies!) Finally, she convinced herself that she could at least give one of them a better life, so she gave the man the money he wanted, signed and grabbed the paperwork, and ran with the boys to the Suberian Baja, just as the skies opened up with a terrible thunderstorm.

On the way home she was worried that he would be scared, between leaving his first home and all the lightning and thunderboomers going off outside the car, so she let him sit in her lap, but he wasn't scared at all. She had on a blouse that buttoned down the front, and he kept chewing on her buttons and unbuttoning her blouse. After about the 3rd time that she had to button back up, she looked down at him and said "You're just a little firecracker, aren't you?", and he had his name, Chili's FireCracker. When she got home and got the boys safely into the house, she called daddy and told him that we had a new addition to the family, and what his name was. Daddy said "Honey, we live in the south, I'm not sure it's P.C. to have a dog named Cracker, what if we name him FireCrackerJack and call him Jack?" So his name was lengthened to FireCrackerJack, but they didn't decide for sure what to call him until daddy got home, then after spending just a few minutes with him, he said "You're right, he's a Cracker alright!

So Chili got his Cracker, and Mikki's just glad they didn't name her Cheese, howroorooroo. Here are a couple of pics of Crackers first weekend. (Mom says please ignore the dirty ears & feet, he hadn't even had his first bath yet! Also for some reason the date on the photos is wrong, we're not sure how that happened....but we have about 2 years worth of pics that have funny dates on them!)

We hope you enjoyed our trip down memory lane and our baby pictures, it was kind of fun remembering how we came to be members of the RHP.

Also, please don't forget to stop by and share some love with Eva and her parents, our hearts go out to them, and we share in their tears and sorrow.

Love & slurpy kisses,

Bama, Cracker, Mikki & Chili

P.S. It's Memorial Day, please don't forget to say a prayer for all our service men & women who put their lives on the line every day, and for those who've given their lives to keep us safe and free. There can be no greater sacrifice, and we can never repay the debt we owe to all of them.