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Friday, December 7, 2007

So Much to Say

Furst of all, the BoogieBoy update:
We got to talk to him this week! He sounded good and his dad said all the humans would go out to dinner next week to "discuss" things. We're choosing to take this as a positive sign, at least we're back in touch, though we still haven't seen him yet. Our mom got a call from his old teacher a couple of days ago that his school pictures were in (mama had paid for them & the dad had been pretty nasty to his teacher a couple of times, so we guess she would rather deal with mom; the dad changed his school last week to one closer to their new house). She's a dog lover & has German Shepherds, & Boogie was really excited about taking her one of our Christmas cards, so mom went to pick up the Boogie pics & took her a card and a tin of homemade treats for her pups. Of course she asked about our Boogie & mom told her what has been going on. She said "we contacted CPS, when you have a 5th grader coming to school hours late & talking about being in the "club" til the wee hours of the morning, of course we're going to call". So now we're just hoping to be able to get back into his life, cause it's pretty obvious that the dad isn't going to let us get him into the special school.

Mom & dad went last weekend & ordered tons of tile, it's supposed to be delivered Monday, then the real fun begins! We may be kinda scarce for a while, since the furniture is going to be shifting all over our house as the nasty carpet comes out and the cool canyon slate tile goes in each room, mom's not sure how much she'll be able to even physically get to the 'puter. (The vision of mom crawling over top of furniture or laying on top of a dresser trying to reach down to the desk made us giggle). They made the really hard decision not to decorate for Christmas this year after all, since they'll probably need the spare space for furniture, though Boogies room is furst on the list to be done, then mom's gonna put the usual decorations in his room that she does every year, so if he gets to come see us it'll still feel like home to him.

Now for the really scary part! Mom & dad have always wanted to have just one litter of puppies, it's been really hard for them to give up that dream. But after being involved in rescue, blogging & dogster, they finally decided that if we add to our pack it's gonna have to be a rescue, 'cause it just wouldn't be right to bring more furballs into the world when there are so many out there now that just need love & good homes. So....momma made an appointment for Mikki to go to the vet on Tuesday & get fixed. They decided Mikki first so she wouldn't have a chance to have another heat. So far Chili is the only one of our pack that has been altered, he had a condition that made his necessary (he really was fixed!) Anywoo, mom made the appointment Wed. afternoon. That night we were all outside running zoomies & wrestling when daddy called us to come inside. I ran in, Chili ran in, Cracker ran in, Mikki kept sitting staring at the sky like she always does. After about a minute dad hollered at mom "Mikki's having a seizure". Before either of them could get to her she jumped up, ran in the house & started wrestling with the rest of us again. Daddy was the only one who even saw it, and now he's not totally sure that's what it was, she stood up, walked a step or two then got kind of wobbly/staggery & fell over. She wiggled 2 or 3 times on her back like she had an itchy spot, then jumped up & ran in the house. They kept a really close eye on her the rest of the night but she seemed completely normal, and has ever since. No matter, furst thing the next morning mom called the vet & swapped so Cracker could take her appointment instead, since he is the only intact boyberian (
AO4 comes up with the best new huskywords!) in the pack, & Mik has an appointment in the morning to get a complete blood workup & checkup to see what's going on. Mama says "no way our Mik is getting anesthesia or surgery til we know it's 100% safe for her". So everypuppy, please keep your paws crossed that this was just a fluke & maybe she really did just have an itchy back. Mom says we've been really lucky so far with really healthy huskoids, and there's enough going on already, time for the bad luck fairy to stop dumping on us! He needs to leave the Mullins Clan alone too, can't he tell when somepuppies have had enough? And after that one teeny episode, we can't imagine what Amici's pawrents must go through with his episodes, how terrifying!

We also want to send our thoughts, prayers & Sibe Vibes to
Holly's House, the folks in Omaha had a terrible tragedy this week, our hearts go out to everyone affected.

Finally, it's been snowing here!!! Okay, not real snow, but it is snowing Christmas Cards. We've gotten 25 snail mail cards, and 3 ecards, the pawrents haven't gotten any yet. But we're sharing ours with them cause they love looking at all the cute pictures almost as much as we do. Ours went in the mail yesterday, (only 3 days later than planned, thanks to mom's fight with all her new 'puter programs), so be looking for them in a mailbox near you soon.

Last but not least, we'd like to thank our
Queen Meeshka, for recognizing our special powers in her recent "Heroes" posts. We feel very honored to serve in HULA, and to be selected by our queen for such special assignments. And please say your puppy prayers that our good friends (& Mikki's boyfriend) Jack & Starr have a safe journey to the North Pole & back, and that Santy Paws elves can help Jacks special buddy A. Penguin.

We hope everypuppy is having a wonderful Holiday season, filled with lots of goodies & treats, and pray that Santy Paws will find a good furever home for everypup out there who needs one. We love you all very much, and are so lucky to have such great buddies.

In case our house is torn up til the New Year, we'll say it now, Merry Christmas to all our pup friends & their peeps, 2-legs & 4. Hopefully we'll get back on here before then, but just in case......