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Saturday, November 3, 2007

We just HATE hearing 'bout lost furbabies

We just posted about the husky howl below, but right after mom got us set up on dogster we got an invitation to join a group, Husky Heaven. Mom went right out so we could check it out, and now we're all so sad. The site is set up in honor of Blue. He got out of his house back in May, and his mommy has been searching for him ever since. It sounds like she's done everything humanly possible to find him, and yet she hasn't stopped searching. They don't know if maybe he got picked up and some unscrupulous person is holding him, maybe for breeding, if he's still in the area, or what, but his mom isn't going to give up till she finds him, so we told them we would post his flyer here, and invite all our blogging buddies to do the same. Help spread the word, he's been chipped, he's had everyone searching for him from hot air balloons to bloodhounds, you just never know who might see something or where he might be.

Anywoo, here's the flyer:

Thanks to all our blogging buddies, you pups are the best and we all know how sad our humans would be if it was one of us. Sadly, we read on Blue's page that the day he got out was the same day his human mommy's dad passed away, so she got a double blow on that day, and though nothing can make up for losing her dad, we're all sure that having her best friend back would be a comfort.
If you want to check out Blues dogster page, here is the address:
We haven't gone back to everypuppy's pages clear to last spring, so this info may have already been around, but it can't hurt to refresh the memory.
Thanks everybuddy,
Bama & the Gang

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

3rd Annual Husky Howl

Howroo everypup! (and Tia & Wilbur)

As promised, we can't wait to tell you all about our Husky Rescue pawty we went to on Sunday. The Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida had their 3rd annual Husky Howl Party at our local Dog Park, and we had SO much fun. The only thing that would have made it better is if all our blogging friends had been there too! We found out Sunday night that the unnofficial count of huskies attending the event was 82!!

Cracker was in a really grumpy mood, and kept trying to fight with other furballs there so he ended up having to spend most of the day on his leash so mom & dad could control him. He was very apologetic & upset for almost a whole day afterward, he said he just didn't know what go into him....but the SHRF co-ordinator, Tracy, told mom that they thought some grrlhusky was in heat, so that might have explained the high tempers cause our Cracker wasn't the only one who seemed to be confrontational.
Chili is the only one of us that has been "fixed". Mama & daddy have always wanted just one litter of puppies, and they hope that maybe Cracker & Mikki will grant their wish, so until Mik is 2, and they've both been checked for eyes & hips, they don't want to make the decision to alter any of us. Mama says she knows there are lots of unloved pups out there, and they've given lots of thought to whether or not they should allow any breeding, but they've got several friends who've begged for pups if we ever have them, and mama says "no puppy will leave this home without the new family being thoroughly checked and able to demonstrate that they are knowledgable about our breed. If we don't find appropriate loving homes for all our babies, they'll just have to stay home with the rest of the pack".

Sorry I got off track, but Cracker's unaltered state probably had something to do with his bad attitude, though he didn't seem to be interested in any other females, he was much more concerned with chaperoning & supervising Mikki & I. Course he's wooing Shelby-Woo, so at least she doesn't have to worry about him being unfaithful, or another husky-grrrl turning his head.

Anywoo, they had lots of fun games there, and Cracker won the Fastest Husky race! He got a SHRF certificate to hang on the wall & a bag full of treats & toys!
Here is a picture of Cracker, strutting his stuff after he won his first heat. Can't you just tell from the expression on his face that he knew he won, and how proud he was?

There were two preliminary heats, the winner of each of those raced each other in the final heat to determine who was the fastest husky. Here is a picture of Chili, Mikki, Mom & I watching the second heat, to see who Cracker was going to have to go up against in the final. Cracker was standing with daddy who was taking the picture.

And here is Crackers Award!

Then our names got called for several raffle prizes, and mom picked out lots more cool toys & treats for us. We made a haul! Here's a picture of some of our winnings. (mama had already given us most of the toys & stuff when I clawed her & told her we needed a picture for our blog, so there was other stuff that didn't make it into the picture cause once we had it we didn't want to give it up!)

None of us dressed up, but there were lots of huskies that participated in the costume contest, they even had a wolf (husky) dressed up like a sheep! He was so funny.
Mama entered each of us in the best howling contest & guess what? Not one of us would make a peep! She entered Mikki & I in the best kisser contest, and when Chili saw us kissing the judge he ran up and joined in the kissing too. The judge thought it was funny, and everyone else laughed too, he's so jealous, mama should have known that he wouldn't stand for somehusky else getting all the kisses! She entered Chili in the hairiest husky contest, and though she got a lot of fluff off him in the 2 minutes allowed, another husky got even more. We couldn't believe it cause there is no surface in our house that doesn't have Chili fur decorating it.
Mama baked all day Saturday & took 4 packages of treats for the raffle table, everyone seemed to be really excited, specially when they found out that they got copies of the recipes along with the treats. We took Bama's Banana-Applesauce Granola bars, Chili's No-Chili Cheese dogs, Crackers Peanut Butter & Nanner Muffins (thank you furry much), and Miss Mickles So-Cool Pumpkin Pupsickles. All of these concoctions started with recipes from the HTH recipe book, but then mama added our special touches to each one, so we would each have our own recipe. We haven't heard yet how much money was raised, but we had a grrrreat time and it felt so good knowing that it was all to benefit furballs in need. Wish woo all could have been there, there were huskies everywhere you looked!

We're all proud of mama right now too, she finally hooked us all up with Dogster pages, so now we can get in on the voting for cutest picture contests and stuff. Took her long enough, but I guess we shouldn't look a gift human in the mouth....Click on our badges on the right side of the page to see our Dogster profiles. I'm kinda unhappy though, mama checked the radio button on my page for "wolf/coyote" and now it says I'm "feral". Who? Me?? Ya gotta be kidding! I'm the worlds largest lap puppy! I think I'm gonna have to make her fix that...you shoulda seen me at the "Howl". I was scared to death for about the first 1/2 hour, I found a corner in the fence where I could put my back & cower. Mom & dad both tried & tried to get me to come out & play with all the other pups, but I just wasn't sure about mixing it up with a bunch of strangers. When I finally did come out I stayed really close to mom & dad for most of the rest of the day. I did do some sniffing & a little bit of nose-bumping but I really didn't want to get very far away from mama. Mikki was much braver than I was, but every once in a while she'd decide she had enough strangers for a while, and would come hide her head between mama's legs. Mom would laugh & tell her, "just cause you can't see them doesn't mean they can't see you", but Mik said she felt better hiding her eyes. Chili was a total social butterfly, his little feety-feet trotting every which way, greeting every husky he saw, and kissing any human that got close enough.
All in all it was a fun day, and we were really happy to get out & meet all the other pups. We all wish Cracker wouldn't have been so grumpy, so he could have played and had more fun, but we're all really proud of his big win, we knew he was the "zoomiest"! We may post more pictures of the Howl later, we're waiting to get an email from Tracy with pictures some of the other attendees took. Daddy was having a hard time taking pictures and "keeping Cracker on a short leash".
Hope everyone out there had a Happy Howl-o-ween, talk to y'all again soon!
Bama, Chili, Mikki & Cracker (the ZOOMIEST)