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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Tag Game

I was thinkin last night about all the fun games our bloggin buddies have tagged us on, and I decided to come up with one of my own. It should be pretty easy, but fun, just list all of the nicknames your humans have for you. We'll start if off:

Bama: Bamonster (of course), or just Monster, BamBam, BammerSlammer, Bamalamb, Huskiraffe, Bammer, Bambambambambamalamb (sung to the Beach boys tune of BarbaraAnn, Peepot (I HATE this one!), Chowhound, Mama's Girl.

Mikki: Princess, Miss Mikki, MikMik, Mikolaus, Mickles Pickles, Mickers Knickers, Sweet Girl, Daddy's Girl, Mikodemus, Miss Priss.

Cracker: CrackCrack, Crackerhead, Cracker Slacker, Mouth, or Mouth of the South, Stud, Studly Dooright, Reddog, Boydog, WooWoo, Houdini, Mama's Boy.

Chili: ChillChill, ChubChub, Chubster, Prince, Fatboy, Silly Chilly, Chilly Willy, Chili Vanilli, Grump, Chillster, Chilidog, Daddy's boy, Boogie's Boy.

Okay, we tag all our blogging friends! What do your humans call YOU???

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tagged by Pippa

Howrooo Everyhusky & other Pupfriends,
We've been tagged by Pippa for a new game, we have to come up with the type of car we would be, if we were cars. This was easy for Chili & I, but Cracker and Mikki had to put some thought into their answers. We're going to answer this one in reverse age order, so I get to go first! (of course, it is MY blog, MIKKI!)

Bama- If I was a car I would be a Hummer, first cause I'm HUGE, and getting HUGER every day! Also I'm deceptively powerful, and I'm the protector of my pack, just like a Hummer would protect us on the road.

Mikki says she would be a Bentley Arnage GT (dad had to help her with this one, he's the car guy) cause she's elegant, classy, and quiet.

Cracker says of course he would be a red Ferrari, fast, powerful, sleek & sexy & LOUD. Oh yeah, and red....

Chili's pouting cause we all decided he would be a Volkswagon beetle, short, round and growly.

We tag Amici, Turbo, and the Mullins Clan (wink, wink, Juneau!)

As for Mikki's last post:
Are NOT!
Mikki: AM TOO!
ARE NOT! And don't make me bite you! I'm bigger than you now, I could just sit on you to prove my point!
Mikki: You'd have to catch me first!
No, I'd just lay in wait, and pounce when you least expect it.
Mikki: Hey Doofus, you just warned me, now I'm gonna expect it....
Well then, you better never fall asleep again, there go all those beawooty naps!
Mikki: Guess what? You have to sleep sometime too.
Yeah, but I sleep with mom & dad & they won't let you attack me in bed....

Mom: ENOUGH, girls! Now all your blogging friends know what it's like around here 24/7.....

Bama: Yeah, but you love us all so much you wouldn't trade one minute of it.
Mom: OK, I give. I'm not getting in the middle of this arguement, you little princesses will just have to work it out on your own.

Here's a pic of us arguing about who is queen, hey everyone, who do you think will win? (I'm already bigger than her, and not even 5 months old yet....)

Mom calls this picture "chin music", I call it "my teeth are bigger than your teeth"
We probably won't be able to post for about a week, mom's going to Mobile to visit Dad's parents so we're losing our typist
Talk to y'all when she gets home again:
Bama & the RHP

Monday, September 17, 2007

Miss Mikki, True Queen of the Pack

Howwwrrrooo everyone! Mikki here, and about time I finally get a turn posting on our blog. That little upstart Bama has been making everyone think she's the queen of our pack, but I'm here to set the record straight! I am the most beautiful, most graceful, best hunter, and obviously queen of our pack. I guess it's because I'm so gentle and generally shy that she's been able to get away with the ruse for so long, but I was meant to be queen of this pack, that's why the humans picked me, for dogs sake! It took me a long time to enforce my rule over the boys, then along comes the monster, always in my face, chewing on me, and generally wreaking havoc in our nice quiet den. Here is a picture of me in my best royal pose, don't I look majestic?

Sorry about the red eyes, they are a beawootiful shade of blue in person.
Mom & Dad decided the boys needed a girl in the house to teach them some manners, so they chose me, and I came home in July of last year. Stupid Chili didn't know I was supposed to be his new queen, and I was so little, that he refused to be ruled! The nerve!! Cracker was on his best behaviour from the beginning, he fell in love with my beauty at first sight, but not Chili. The first time we stopped on our trip home, mom & dad put on my new harness and leash and took me out with the boys for our first walk together, and you wouldn't believe what he did. He peed on my head! No, really, I mean, the nerve!! He apologized later, and said he was just expressing his opinion to mom & dad about having to share his stuff with a new pup, but honestly, did he think that was going to win my affection??? Then when we got home and went out to check out our backyard, HE DID IT AGAIN! I was so upset, I prefer to be very ladylike and graceful, that's hard to do with boydog pee dripping off your head! Mom gave me a nice warm bath though, and I got to cuddle with her in a nice soft towel, and she told Chili he was a "BAD BOY", and he never did it again, so I guess he got the message that that was no way to treat a queen. Here's a picture of me on my very first day home.

Don't I look like a queen in training?
I'm really a very girly girl, and hate to be dirty, it took mom & dad a long time to convince me that I really didn't need to wash my feet every time I got a drink of water, here is a pic of me washing my tootsies:

Well, guess that's it for now, a queen should keep her speeches short so as not to lose the interest of her subjects, (a lesson that monster Bama will NEVER learn), besides, I need to go get my beauty sleep,
Beawootiful dreamer: