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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Cracker's Blue-eyed tale of woe

Howdy Y'all Woowoos,
Bout time the pack let me have a turn an' Ma is takin' my dictated woos! I didn't think I'd ever get my turn to tell a good story!
Furst I have to pick up where the Big Chill's story left off....After he'd been here about 8 months ma & pa decided to get into fostering rescue huskies cause they thought Chill needed a companion closer to his own age to play with. Their furst foster was a black and white male, about 1 year old named Shadow. He was a true Alpha boy, an came in fully intending to dominate the Chill from day one, beginning with constant attempts to mount him an show him who was the boy dog. Starr & Ice always had complete run of the den, and since they trained Chill, he was well-behaved enough to not have to be confined either. The second day the Shadow demon was here, ma came home from work and found that Chili had an accident in the house, and there was some blood and other ooky lookin goop that made her think that the Demon was a homosexual rapist husky, so she immediately called our rescue coordinator and told her that they really wanted to help out, but no way they were going to put up with Chili being abused in his own home. They made arrangements to trade him to a foster with no other pups, and they picked up Sheka. She was a beautiful black & white girl about 2 years old, an VERY sweet, an she and Chill became best friends. She was here fur about 6 weeks, then her new furever daddy an new brother came and got her and took her to her new furever home in Tampa. Chili was so sad an depressed for a couple of days that mom called the coordinator again, an begged for another foster to cheer him up. The next day they brought home Daisy. She was a black/silver & white 4 year old girl who loved people, giving kisses, an being a couch tater, but she was VERY jealous of anyone else gettin any attention. She seemed to respect Starr & Ice's age, but she wouldn't let Chili anywhere near ma & pa without trying to attack him. Ma had to break up a couple of fights, an got bit on the leg one time, then came the final straw....Daisy was in the bedroom with pa, an ma & Chill came into bed. As soon as ma came through the bedroom door, she saw Daisy laying there on the floor, so she put her hand down on Chili's chest to stop him so she could pick him up an put him on the bed an he wouldn't have to walk by Daisy. Well...just as she put her hand on his chest, Daisy lunged at his throat, an bit mas wrist pretty bad, she had problems for a while with her last 2 fingers on that hand going numb. Then next day she called the coordinator again, an told her that she didn't think it was going to work out with Daisy, but the lady got an attitude with mom, saying "well, I've been bit several times, it kind of goes with the territory", an she really made ma feel bad for not wanting to deal with constantly trying to break up fights or worrying about Chili. Daisy went to another foster, an Chili went into another lonely depression, an everyone felt just terrible. Ma & Pa talked about it an decided that they just needed to get Chili a puppy of his own, so he would have a BFFF (best fur friend furever), so that's how I came into the pitcher. Ma found a "breeder" in St. Augustine, just down the road aways, an on a rainy Friday, while pa was on his way to Mobile to go fishin with his Pa, she & Chili went to St. Aug to see if they could find him a new friend. I was the furst one she picked up out of the cage, then she checked out all the other pups from 2 litters, but she kept comin back to me. Me & all my sibs were skinny, and smelly, an we were in a crate with no tray in the bottom, sittin on top of a couple of plastic milk crates in the guys front yard, with a tarp over the top to keep the rain out. Ma said she was worried about the health of all of us, even though the guy did have health certificates, but she's a sucker for a purty face, and finally decided to bring me home. Chili really wasn't much interested in me at furst, but he said that's cause I smelled so bad. On the way home Chili rode shotgun, an I sat in ma's lap, an occupied myself by unbuttoning her blouse. After about the 4th time, she looked at me an said "you're just a little firecracker, aren't you", and presto, I had my new furever name, Chili's FireCrackerJack. When she called Pa that night and told him we had a new pack member named Cracker, he said maybe they should call me Jack, but when he got home and met me, he said Cracker fit me purfectly, so Cracker I am! (Get it? Chili & Cracker? heehee) Saturday morning she took us to the vet to get me checked out an started on my shots, an it turned out I had some kind of bad tummy bug that causes soupy poops. The vet said it's the same kind of bug that's in the water in 3rd wurld countries, an I got it from not having a clean water supply. It took a couple of months and lots of tummy medicines and special care with my diet, but they finally got me straightened out, now I'm the studliest husky ever! Just ask the gurls....
Here is one of my baby pitchers, see why ma fell in luv wif me? (don't know why that date is in the bottom of the pic, ma got me on Memorial Day weekend, 2005!)

Ma used to have a cute little mini-crockpot that she kept liquid potpourri in to make our den smell good, and one night about a week after I got here, Chili and me were wrestlin in the front room and I caught the cord and pulled the pot down on my head. Ma heard me squeal,and came runnin! Some of the smelly stuff had splashed in my right eye, and she grabbed the bottle which said if it gets in eyes to run water in the eye. Have any of your humans ever tried to hold a squealin squirmin husky pup under a runnin faucet? By the time she got done we were both crying, and the crockpot thingy was in the trash! Furst thing the next morning she took me into the vet, he said that the water might have saved my eye, but we'd just have to see. He put me on antibiotic pills & eyedrops to keep my pupil dilated, and I had ointment she had to put in for 10 days. My eye got really cloudy and filmy, and ma was feelin really guilty that her lack of fursight might have cost me MY sight in that eye, it stayed that way the whole 10 days I was on the medicine, then almost magically cleared up on the last day. Boy howdy, was ma relieved!! Here's a pitcher of me wif my bad eye:

A few days after that happened we went to Chicago to visit ma & pa's best friends, Hannah & Brownie, and their 4 legged furmaster, Sheba. That trip was lots of fun even with my bad eye, but for ma & pa it got worse before it got better. We were in the car on the way up there, when she noticed that it looked like Chili had sumthin in his eye. She had to wrestle with him, but finally got a good look and it looked like he had a piece of wood in his eye, but it didn't move when he blinked or anything! She called her friend Hannah, and asked her if she'd make an appointment with Sheba's vet for the next day when we got in. They were really nice, and said "bring him in as soon as they get into town", so the furst day of our vacation I got to stay home with Pa & Brownie, and play lots of fun games in the yard with Sheba, while Chill went to the doc. Well...after they looked at his eye, they decided that whatever the fureign object was it seemed to be embedded in his cornea and they didn't want to try to get it out, so they sent ma & Chill to an emergency hospital for furballs. They had to give him a shot to make him sleep so they could get it out, and said it looked like a piece of redwood mulch or somethin. Now we're both on antibiotics, drops to dilate our pupils, and ointment, an ma's whole furst day of vacation was spent with furball docs, they didn't get home until almost midnight! Poor ma, she loves our blue eyes so much, and here she's gotta worry about both of us losin the vision in one of our eyes! We were both fine, and didn't let the eye injuries slow us down a bit, but ma said she worried enough fur all of us. You can tell from this pitcher that both of our eyes turned out fine:

Guess I'll go fur now, see if I can look cute an convince her I need some treats, but next time I'll tell y'all the tail of mine & Chili's escape escapades and my Christmas shopping trip.
Southern WooWoos from the Southern Cracker