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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Finally, the monster got off the 'puter

Howrrroooo, everyone!
This is Chili, and I finally get a turn to post on OUR blog, Bama's been hogging the 'puter, so anyhusky would think the rest of us don't have anything to say. Well....let me tell you, I have plenty to say! After all, I'm the fluffiest, the oldest, and the bossiest, you'd think the kid would figure out that this SHOULD be MY page, but nooooooo......
I was born in Inverness FL, on Jan. 3, 2004, and mom and dad let Boogie pick which pup out of my litter that he wanted for his 8th birthday present, (of course he chose me, who wouldn't?) They also said that Granddogs Starr & Ice were getting too old and lazy, they needed a pup around here to put 'em back on their toes and give them some stimulation. After they picked me, they went back home to wait for me to be old enough to leave my furmom. On the way they stopped for dinner, and talked about what to name me, MY boy settled on Boogie's Red Hot Chili Pepper. Here is a pic of me the day they brought me home, March 8,2004. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BOOGIE BOY!!!:

Have you ever seen anyone cuter? Of course you haven't!
When I got here, I had to convince the granddogs that I was worth keeping around, here's a pic of me letting Starr & Ice think they're putting me in my place. Notice the nasty "astroturf" indoor/outdoor, fake grass looking, green "carpet" in our sunroom? Big Yuck!:

This is my favorite pic, I wanted a kiss from my boy, no matter how far I had to stretch to get it.....

And this is mom's favorite pic of me and my boy:

After I'd been here about 6 months, mom decided that we should tile the sunroom so it would be easier to keep clean for us, and a nice place to hang out when the weather was cool. My skinsister Sam, and her boyfriend at the time laid most of the tile, but they left a 3 ft by 3 ft square in the middle cause mom wanted to do a mosaic design. She said since it was a sunroom, we needed a sun....Well, she'd never done anything like that before, so I decided I better supervise to make sure she didn't mess up our room. Dad took lots of pictures while we worked, what do you think of my job? I didn't even have to bite her once, but I did inspect every piece she placed, and gave my pawprint of approval on the finished work. Here's a pic of us after she got the sun and frame pieces in place, before she glued them down:

And here is one of me inspecting her work close up:

After she got the frame and sun in, I suggested she put in a charcoal gray background to make the sun really stand out (see Dave, I'm pretty good with color and design too, maybe we should team up?):

Mom said "instead of just watching, you COULD help", here is me laughing at her, "yeah right, you expect ME to do physical labor?"

Finally, after she had all the pieces glued down, I chose a glittery gold additive for the grout, so it would sparkle and shine like the real fireball in the sky, here is the finished project. It's a night picture, and it's kind of dark so you can't really see the sparkles, but if I could pat myself on the back I would, it took a lot of patience supervising mom for long enough to get it done. She's looked and looked, but she can't find the daytime shots of it, and since it's night here now, she said I would have to wait to post if I want her to take a new one. No thanks, mom, you're so forgetful that could take furever!:

Anywhoooo, let me know what you think of my work, if your humans need supervision on a tile project I work for treats.....
WooWoos & Playbows,

We've been tagged

Our friend Juneau tagged us for a new word game, sounds like fun so here we go. You have to take the first letter of your name, and answer the questions with words that start with that letter. (age before beauty, so Chili is first!)

What is your name? Chili
4 letter word: Cool
Vehicle: Coupe de Ville
TV Show: Charlie's Angels
City: Chickasaw, AlaBAMA
Boy Name: Chuck
Girl Name: Chelsea
Alcoholic Drink: Captain Morgan & Coke
Occupation: Child Sitter
Something you wear: Corsage
Celebrity: Charlie Daniels
Food: Chunky Peanut Butter
Something found in a bathroom: Cotton Balls
Reason for being late: Can't find my shoes (Bama ate 'em!)
Cartoon Character: Calvin & Hobbs
Something You Shout: CHILL OUT!!

What is your name? Cracker (this is hard, Chili already took all the good "C" words)
4 letter word: Claw
Vehicle: Camino (El)
TV Show: Crocodile Hunter
City: Crossroads, AlaBAMA
Boy Name: Clark
Girl Name: Candy
Alcoholic Drink: Crantini
Occupation: Coal Miner
Something you wear: Coat
Celebrity: Chris Angel
Food: Crawfish
Something found in a bathroom: Comb
Reason for being late: Crashed the car
Cartoon Character: Charlie Brown
Something You Shout: CHOW TIME!

What is your name? Mikki
4 letter word: Meek
Vehicle: Mustang
TV Show: Mister Ed
City: Mobile, AlaBAMA (are you starting to notice a theme for this one?)
Boy Name: Mike
Girl Name: Melanie
Alcoholic Drink: Mimosa
Occupation: Mailman
Something you wear: Monkey Suit
Celebrity: Madonna
Food: Macaroni & Cheese
Something found in a bathroom: Mascara
Reason for being late: Mom forgot to set the alarm
Cartoon Character: Marmaduke
Something You Shout: MAKE MY DAY, PUNK!

What is your name? Bama
4 letter word: Blog
Vehicle: Baja
TV Show: Big Brother
City: Birmingham, AlaBAMA
Boy Name: Bob
Girl Name: Belle
Alcoholic Drink: Bloody Mary
Occupation: Banker
Something you wear: Boots
Celebrity: Billy Bob Thornton (do I get extra credit for 2 "B" words?
Food: BEEF!
Something found in a bathroom: Brush
Reason for being late: Broken signal lights
Cartoon Character: Betty Boop
Something You Shout: BETCHA CAN'T CATCH ME!

We tag Cyber Sibes and Army of 4, have fun everyhusky,
Bama & the RHP

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Applying the Claw

Hoooowwwwoooo Everyhusky,
Sorry we've been gone so long, I had to seriously claw the mom to get her on the 'puter,(don't worry, she's bruised but not broken, heehee). The rest of the pack are really giving me a hard time about hoggin the 'puter, and not letting them blog, so guess I'll let them handle the next few posts, but tonight is still my turn.

We started our new diet this week, and we are LOVING it. Mom found a recipe on someone's page for breakfast glop (sorry for not giving you proper credit, but I told you her brain is going, she can't remember where she found it....idiot human!) It consists of ground meat, chopped up organ meats (we got chicken liver, yummy), yogurt, eggs, veggies, rolled oats, garlic, fish oil, vitamins C & E, and boy is it great! She said it looked the most balanced of all the different recipes she looked at, and had all the ingredients that seemed to be universally recommended. Cracker won't eat his unless dad warms it in the microwave first, he says he's gotten kind of used to warm food, and he thinks it's weird to eat it cold.
For dinner we each get about 1 lb of raw meaty bones, tonight we each got 1 1/2 chicken thighs, last night we each had 2 pigs feet. It takes us a lot longer to eat now, and mom says she was worried about us gulping our food, or not chewing up the bones good enough, but she's very proud of us, we love chewing and crunching up the bones to get the tasty marrow inside.
They won't feed us in the house anymore, though. Dad cleaned up our sunroom really good and we get our dinner out there now. More about the sunroom in Chili's post, he supervised mom when she layed the mosaic tiles, and he's VERY proud of the job he did, and can't wait to show you his pictures. We have a comfy futon out there, that Mikki & I share, one at each end, and the boys go to opposite ends of the room, and we all just lay around and have a chompfest, it's the best time of the day! Mom & Dad were both worried that our tummies would take some adjustment to get used to not having all our food cooked, so they've been amazed. Not only did we adjust great, but she said it's taking us longer to digest our food, and the output is much smaller and neater, so she thinks that we're getting more out of our meals, and less filler junk that we don't need anyway. All I know is that it tastes great, fulfills my need to chew, and dinner is so much more FUN now. If they ever try to feed me kibbles again, I'm going to bite 'em to remind 'em of my love of raw bones!

I went to the V.E.T place Saturday for my last set of puppy shots, and it's official, I'm now bigger than Mikki! I'm about 1/2 inch taller than she is, and I weighed 44.2 lbs. Mik was 45 at her last weigh in, but I know I've gained at least a pound since Saturday, mom says she thinks I gain about a pound a day. I'm working on catching up with Cracker next, won't be long!

Guess I'll go for now, mom says she's going to bed early tonight, "today felt too much like a Monday", next post will be Chili's turn. I can't wait to see him trying to type with his chubby little toes (everything's chubby on Chili...heehee, mom's hoping this diet will help him slim down, not as much cereal stuff). See everyone soon,
Bama & the RHP