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Saturday, October 6, 2007

My interview by Turbo

Howrrroooo Everypup (& Wilbur),
Our friend Turbo the Sibe has been conducting interviews, and graciouslessy volunteered to interview ME! So, without further ado, here is my interview with Tubey! His questions will be in Bold:

1) Why are humans so stupid?

Wow, I really had to think about this one, there are so many possible answers, but I think it's 'cause they only walk on 2-legs. This causes their noses to be WAY to far from the ground. They're already nose-dead, then they put their noses way up there in the air....how can they learn anything if they can't smell, and don't follow proper sniffing techniques? I mean really, did you read the recent posts on Sitka & AO4's pages? Most humans don't even know those spots on our beawootiful tails are for sniffing! Honestly! What did they think they were there for? And when was the last time you ever saw a human sniffing for news?

Mikki's snooter spot

Chili's snooter spot

Can you see Cracker's snooter spot?

Yup, yup, there's my snooter spot! (kinda faint, but it's there!)
2) What's the best food item you've stolen from your humans?
This one was easy! A couple of weeks ago dad had a pork loin marinating on the counter while waiting for the grill to reach the perfect smolder, it was YUMMY, but I only got a little taste before they caught me and took it away....

3) Do you have a story about a time you or your canine room mates made your humans freak out?

The rest of the pack have lots of these stories, but I'm not gonna steal theirs in case somehusky else decides to interview them. I don't really have any myself yet, maybe cause the rest of them have taught mom & dad too many lessons, so they usually keep a really close eye on me. Chili said I can tell you about Granddog Ice's hole-in-the-head incident. Right after mom & dad moved into our current den, in 2003, Ice got a new lump on his face. He had previously had some removed, so mom & dad thought this would be pretty routine, even though the lump was right between his eyes, and growing really fast. He had to spend the night at the V.E.T after the surgery cause the doc said the tumor was really deep. He came home on Friday with a zipper on his face! Honestly it was staples, but it looked like you could unzip his face. He had to keep the staples in for a week, so the following Friday he went back to the V.E.T. to have the staples removed. Our Boogieboy came over that night to spend the weekend, and he was supposed to go somewhere with mom & dad on Saturday. (mom can't remember where they were going). He was out in the yard visiting Starr & Ice while mom & dad were getting ready to go, then he ran in the house and asked mom "Why does Ice have a hole in his head?" Mom shrieked "What do you mean he has a hole in his head?" and ran out to check on Ice. Sure enough, he had a really deep hole in his forehead, right between his eyes, where the staples had come out the day before. Of course, it was after noon on a Saturday, so our regular vet was closed, so off to the emergency animal hospital they went. The emergency vet put 4 stitches inside the hole, then 6 more outside, she said the hole from his surgery was so deep that even though the staples held the skin together, the hole underneath was still there and all he had to do was bump or scratch it to break the skin and open it back up. Needless to say, they never made it wherever they were supposed to be going, spent the whole afternoon in the ER instead.....

4) Are there actually elephants in Alabama with loose tusks?
Huh??? What kinda question is that???

Oh, mom just 'splained it to me, howrooorooroo, you're one funny pup, Turbo!

Tuscaloosa, that's a good one! Since I'm from Mobile, and never been to Tuscaloosa, I'm not sure, but I'll go ask Dad, he's from AlaBAMA too.

Ok, I'm back. Dad said AlaBAMA has a football team that has an elephant as a mascot, and there are lots of people in AlaBAMA that have red necks and no teeth, so..... by my amazing powers of deduction, I assume that AlaBAMA has a shortage of good dentists, therefore it follows that the elephant population of AlaBAMA probably find it extremely difficult to obtain proper dental care and a significant number of them probably DO have loose tusks (which is, I'm sure, where the town got it's name, unless it has something to do with the wild boar population, but I'd hate to boar you with my thoughts on that subject, howroorooroo) . Roll Tide!
5.) What's your greatest destruction success?
Oh Tubey, this is my FAVORITE question! My mom has this really cool, hand carved, silk covered, mahogany chaise lounge that sits at the foot of our bed. It used to have this really cool (and tasty) carved swan neck & head that curved up above the rest of the back of the chaise. I say used to because somehusky managed to use it as a teething device and turned the beawootiful swan into a headless stumpbird. I'm not admitting to it even though it did survive the teething efforts of the rest of the pack. Who's to say one of them didn't suddenly revert to their puppyhood, huh? Nobody caught me redtoothed did they? Innocent until proven guilty! Does this look like somehusky who would eat furniture? (Ignore the hole in the seat, that was Mikki, I swear!)

Thanks for the interview, Turbo! That was fun!!

The rules as spelled out on Turbo's page.....

Here's the rules if you want me to interview you:
1. If you are interested in being interviewed, leave me a comment saying, 'interview me.'
2. I will respond by posting five questions for you. I get to pick the questions.

3. You will update your blog with a post containing your answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

So......everypup (& Wilbur), who wants to be interviewed? And which of us would you like to do the interviewing?

Bama & the River Hill Pack

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Most recent picture of ME!

I finally tortured the humom's guilt into posting a new picture of me that shows how much I've grown and how beautiful I'm becoming (if you can get past the "rabbit ears"). Mom calls me her long-legged, brown-eyed platinum blonde runway model. She says I even have the swayee hip thing going for me, whatever that means...anywooo, here it is, course it's a month old now, so I've even grown quite a bit since this.....

Mik went to the vet yesterday for her yearly's and she's up to 49 lbs! She's trying to keep up with me, but that's not good, I'm gonna be 4 ft. taller than her! The vet told dad they have to cut back on her food, she's eating too good and gettin a pooch. (not to be confused with pups! whooohooo)
Bama & the RHP