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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mikki's interview by Jack-a-Roo of Cyber-Sibes fame, Cool new tag from Tasha & Eva, Happy Ending for local rescue facility & Survivorman!

Howroooroo Everypup. Mikki here, I got a lovely message from Cyber-Sibes, and the oh so cute Jack has asked to interview me. Thank woo Jack-a-Roo for the lovely compliments, although I'm currently on Pippa's LONG list of grrrlfriends, I'm sure he wouldn't mind sharing my affections, after all, I don't mind sharing his....I'd be honored to be your grrrlfriend. Here is the interview from Jack (in Bold, of course)
Jack here, & I wants to know:
1. Mikki, how do you maintain your royal beauty, especially when you have to discipline those rowdy boys?
It's really very simple Jack. I have a magic coat. When I was born DOG blessed me with a magic coat, nothing sticks to me. I can go out and dig in the mud, be totally filthy, come in and have mom dry me off as best she can, then once I'm dry the dirt just flies away from me. Instead of being allergic to dust & dirt, it's allergic to me, woohoohoo. Daddy sometimes calls me the teflon husky. Crackers coat is very similar, and it seems the Monster's coat is going to be that way too. Chili is the only one of us that ever seems to really need a bath, cause he's so fluffy, if something gets through all that fur it has no hope of ever escaping! (mom thinks our fish oil, & vitamin E capsules with breakfast every morning might have something to do with it, but I know I have a magic coat).

2. Chili has a gift with color & mosaics, - What is your special gift?
My gift is more of a psychological gift, I'm the pack referee and peacemaker. No matter who is arguing, or what they're arguing about, if it gets too heated I get right into the middle of it and usually manage to break it up. I think it's a southern lady, steel magnolia kind of talent, when the LADY of the house has to raise her voice, everypuppy stops to listen.
3. I read that you are a great hunter - what is the biggest baddest prey you've ever taken down?
I guess the biggest was a possum, although Cracker helped with that one. On my own I've caught several rats (mom thinks they were sick from poison the neighbors put out, but I am a GREAT huntress, I don't need human help! How insulting!) I've also caught many lizards, toads, buggies, and a snake. Cracker catches lots of snakes, Chili used to catch skwirells before he got so chubby, and Bama catches leaves & sticks. Wooooo, scary...
4. What is your favorite thing to eat, and were do you like to eat it?
Since mom & dad put us on the BARF diet I love almost everything, but our new favorite is pig feet. Mom says it's kinda gross, but it takes us a long time to chew em up good and we sound like a pack of wolves out in our sunroom at dinner time, ripping, and chewing, and chomping, and crunching. Mmmmm, wonder if mom has any treats...Woo, sorry, I got sidetracked there for a second. I also LOVE our breakfast glop, with ground meat, veggies, eggs, yogurt, pumpkin, oats & other stuff. It's yummy! And even mom & dad say it smells pretty good, compared to any canned food they've ever smelled. We eat breakfast out of our bowls in the kitchen, but since dinner consists of some kind of raw meaty bones we get those out in the sunroom, with the easy to clean tile floor.
(mom says since we've been on the new diet they've been AMAZED. No soupy poops or upset tummies, destructive chewing has almost disappeared, we even only destuffed one of the new toys she brought us from AlaBAMA, and our coats look BEAWOOTIFUL)
5. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?Looking forward to hearing your answers, Mikki! Jack A-Roo
I think I'd love to visit Alaska. One of my very favorite things to do is sit outside at night and just stare up at the stars. Mom usually has to call my name a couple of times to get my attention and "bring me back to earth". I think it would be the coolest thing ever to see the Aurora Borealis in person! Course mom & dad would probably have to camp out cause they'd never get me in the house, woohoo. I think I'm gonna ask for a telescope for Christmas, I want to see the Dog Star, and find out if I woo at him, if he'll woo back.

Thanks Jack-a-roo, that was lots of fun, and such a gentlemanly thing to do, takin pity on a southern damsel in distress.

We got this tag from Tasha & Eva:
"We would like to tag you for a new game. Tell us 3 things that you and your pack "Help" your humans do. Look forward to hearing your answers! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva."

Woo girls, this is a good one, thanks for tagging us! We had to put our furry heads together to come up with the top 3, cause we all help them in SO many ways, but these were our favorites.

1) One or more of us supervises every visit to the bathroom. While the humans are in there we attempt to sniff to see if they need to put on clean underwear, and inspect their output to insure they haven't contracted any diseases, supervise showers and baths to insure no human drowns, & inspect trash cans for tissue, tp rolls or q-tips that need to be removed and destroyed.

2) Keep their credit rating in tip-top shape by insuring they use their plastic cards regularly shopping for toys & treats online, heartworm & flea/tick preventatives, visits to the V.E.T, both planned and unplanned, not to mention the cost of sending us to the resort if they want to go somewhere together overnight! We've heard humans say "you have to spend money to make money", We're doing our part to make sure we help our humans to become extremely wealthy!

3)Make sure they get plenty of excercise and don't become couch potatos. If they sit down and look too comfortable for more than a couple of minutes, we'll go in another room and make loud noises so they have to get up to check on us, or we'll insist we need to go outside & they never leave us outside unsupervised. We all help with their upperbody strength on lead, and Bama helps more with an excersize she's devised requiring them to push her down from the counter or the stove anytime they are cooking or eating anything.

We are very happy for our local Human Society this week. They are a no-kill shelter, and do a lot of good work finding second homes for furkids that can no longer be in their first home. They had a terrible fire there last spring, most of the pups were saved but they lost almost all of the cats (93) to smoke inhallation before the rescue workers could get to them. Thanks to local fundraising efforts and charity on the part of many good people in our city, they opened back up this past weekend, in a lovely and state of the art new facility, and they're back in business doing what they do best, helping furballs in need. Of course I'm sure they still have lots to do but they have new, clean & dry, safe facilities to house everyone in. That is Pawsome, and we give 16 paws up to the dedicated employees & volunteers that fostered the kids until the new facility was complete, and to the businesses, workers and volunteers who donated time & money to get the facility back up and running in as short a time as possible!
JHS is our hero's of the week.

Now our mom wants' to rant a bit. She and dad watched Survivorman many times, but the third episode this season took place in Labrador. He went in with a team of huskies, but after a couple of days he decided to eat some of the dogs food, then give a demonstration about how hard it would be to live without the team, and how much those dogs are relied and counted on. So whats he do? Lets them go, the whole team, still in harness & dragging the sled behind them. He said "they know their way home, they'll be back in their kennels eating a warm meal within 24 hours. After a long soft rain, the ice started to melt too much for snowmobiles or sleds to get to him & get him out of there, so they sent a helicopter to pick up he and his crew. Nothing was ever again mentioned about the dogteam, and I'm forced to wonder if they did make it home safe. What if someone got hurt and the rest of the team was forced to drag him in harness? What if the sled tipped over, or got caught on something so they couldn't escape? What if they too got cut off by the raising water and sudden ice melt and found themselves unable to return home. Mom & Dad were both furious, "he counted on those dogs to keep him safe and get him where he needed to go, then he ate their food and cut them loose to make it on their own (or not). Now we are boycotting Survivorman in our house, we won't support anyone who could so callously put his partners at risk. And though it's been several weeks since we saw this, we still don't know if the dogs made it home, or what kind of condition they were in. All we can say: for survivormans sake, we hope they did make it home okay, and that the owners of that pack didn't feel a need to resort to violence over his lack of responsibility. I'm afraid I would have kicked his butt back to the plane to wherever he was going next for putting my family in danger.
Okay, thanks pups for letting me get that off my chest. Happy Humpday Everypup.
Mom has turned the computer back over to me, guess I better close now, mom's falling asleep on the keyboard, and it's going on 2AM
Here are the rules for the interviews, if you'd like to be interviewed, post a comment on this blog tellin us your wish to be interviewed.
1. If you are interested in being interviewed, leave me a comment saying, 'interview me.'
2. I will respond by posting five questions for you. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with a post containing your answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

We'd like to tag Amici, The Mullins Clan & the Kapp Pack to tell us 3 ways they help their humans.
Gentle Nose Nudges from,
Miss Mikki, Steel Magnolia & the rest of the RHP

Sunday, October 7, 2007

The boys get Interviewed

Howroo everypup (& Wilbur)!

Chili here, Cap'n Zim graciously agreed to interview me, like the Bamonster's post, his questions will be in Bold:

1/ Have you always been interested in color and design?

I guess I must've been, at least as long as I can remember. Most of my color & design capabilities have been restricted to the rearranging of furniture, throw pillows, and blankies, though. (why do humans insist on putting those stoopid little "decorative" pillows on the furniture? Furst thing I do when mounting my throne is to toss them right on the floor. You'd think the humom would get the message, but nooooooo. Even after we destuffed them all, she just went and bought new ones!!!)

2/ How long did it take your bipeds to realize you had this special gift? I mean... I've seen that mosaic you designed, and it's AWESOME!

Awwwwe, Zim, thanks! (Now I'm blushing....)

Mom realized early on that I had a natural knack for the above mentioned chores, but she was sure when she started the mosaic. I insisted on being there to supervise throughout the entire process, and had considerable input into the colors and placement of tile pieces.

3/ Who really rules your pack?

I'm so GLAD you asked! I do, of course. That little upstart Bama thinks she's gonna rule cause she's gonna be the biggest, just cause I'm the smallest doesn't mean I can't rule with claws of iron, just ask Mik & Cracker. Even though she's already much bigger than me, she doesn't dare mess with me like she does the other two. I just give her the look, & a low grumble, and she backs right off. She's pretty good at keeping the others in line though, which means more nap time for me....

4/ How come Bama gets the blog in her name?

Mom came home one day in July, she had been looking online for husky cartoons & discovered Queen Mishka's blog. That night she read a lot of the posts to all of us, in between her tears of laughter & hiccups. We had NO idea there was a whole world of blogging doggies out there! We all decided immediately that we wanted a blog too, so we could start making friends. Well...you know how kids are, so impatient, (are we there yet, are we there yet?) & Bama just bounced all over, trying to chew the computer cords, standing up in mom's lap to see the screen for the videos, and basically made a real pain in the snooter spot of herself until mom finally gave in. I guess it's true, the squeaky wheel does get the grease. (BTW, thanks for the "snooter" word, it's our new favorite word!)

5/ Who is your favorite playmate and why?

For zoomies it's definitely Cracker, that boy is FAST!! For real live chew toy fun, any of the other three will do, they all squeal equally satisfyingly. My favorite human playmate is MY BoogieBoy, although my favorite thing to do with him is cuddle.

The lovely and regal HollyBollyBananaBoo agreed to interview Cracker, (after he begged so embarassingly, what's he think he is, a poodle?) So I'm gonna turn it over to him, he's been almost as impatient as Bama, for Dogness sake! Besides, I'm overdue for a nap....
Warm Fuzzies,

Owoooowooowoo, finally Ah get a turn! It's me, everypup, the Southern Cracker! Ah'm so excited to be interviewed by the gorgeous Miss HBBB, hopefully she'll like my answers and agree to be my grrrlfriend. Ya'll know the drill, Holly's questions'll be in Bold.

1. How do you like living in the very hot south? And how do you handle the heat?

This is kinda hard fur me to answer cause Ah aint never knew nothin else. Ah's borned just down the road aways in St. Augustine. We went to Chicago fur a visit one time, but it was in July and just as hot there as it was here. Ah'm truly a southern gentleman. Mama says if'n she'd a knowd what a southern gentleman I was gonna turn out to be she mighta thought 'bout namin me Red Butler, but Ah'm glad Ah'm the CrackerMan. She wants us all to live in Aridzona some day, she says it's hot there too, but not so hoomid, and she says it's really nice in the mountains north of the Phoenix metro area.

As far as handlin the heat, that's what they make AC fur! And of course we have the sunroom that Chili decorated so beawootifully, with cool tile floors and a giant ceiling fan.

2. Do you get enough attention with so many fur siblings?

Woo can ever get nuff attention? But Ah'm really good at getting lovins from mama. Ah woo at her and she just has to woo back. Then Ah make mah sexy bedroom flirty eyes at her and she just melts, becomes putty in mah paws, furst Ah lower my lids halfway, then Ah blink really slow, then dad says "Quit tryin to make time with my ol' lady" howrooroo....If that doesn't make her immediately come love on me, Ah yell, LOUDLY, over & over. One way or another, it's just not possible fur her to ignore me, so yeah, Ah reckon Ah get as much attention as Ah want. Ah'm also the only one that likes to watch TV with her, (as long as she puts on Animal Planet or something similar). We'll cuddle together on the couch and watch fur hours, my favorite shows are anything to do with sleddin, wolves, and Cesar Milan. (hey don't get the wrong idea, the best way to defend yourself is to know the opponant's strategy!) Ah watched the Iditarod race with her every week this year! Wooooohoooo, Lance Mackey!
(mom here, he really will watch TV for hours as long as there are animals on it, I've been amazed by his attention span, and just like me, he totally tunes out the commercials, heehee)

3. Where is your favorite place to sleep?

Usually at the foot of the bed, on mama's side, keepin her feet warm fur her. Ah used to sleep on the chaise lounge until Bama et the swan head, now it's just not fittin for one of my grace and beawooty, though Ah will move down there if'n Ah get too hot during the night.

4. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would that be, and why?

Ah think Ah'd like somewhere northern like "laska, or Minnie-soda, but Ah've never been in snow, so Ah aint fur shur. Mama keeps pushin Aridzona & says northern AZ gets snow too, so....Ah do reckon Ah'd like it out west, mama says there's still lots of wide open spaces, not like here, 'less'n it's a swamp.

5. What is the most expensive thing you have destroyed?

This one is tuff! Ah've destroyed lots of stuff, but not anything really 'spensive.
Let me ponder on it.....books, pillows, rugs....Oh, Ah know! Mama collects Navaho Kachina dolls, (as well as a gazillion other stuffs). She had a really nice set of 7, all handcrafted by the same native American artist. Ah leaped the gate into the front room one time and turned "Butterfly" into splinters. He tasted so good, an Ah had so much fun Ah broke out again a few days later and performed my durability test on Fox. (he dint hold up either...) Mama now has the rest of her collection behind doors in a curio cabinet & up on top shelves of the bookcase where even Ah cain't reach 'em.

Thank woo for the interview Miss Holly, that was lotsa fun! Ah'm postin a pitcher of me with my best sexy bedroom flirty eyes, would ya do me the honor of bein mah grrrlfriend? These chicks round here are too scared of The Big Chill to pay 'nuff attention to me, so Ah need a grrrlfriend that won't be 'timidated by him.

OK, here's the rules:

If you want me to interview you:
1. If you are interested in being interviewed, leave me a comment saying, 'interview me.'
2. I will respond by posting five questions for you. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with a post containing your answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
So......everypup (& Wilbur), who wants to be interviewed? And which of us would you like to do the interviewing?

Guess we're gonna close for now, I gotta send mama to find another doggie doing interviews and ask pretty please for somepup to interview Mikki. She says she feels left out cause nopup wanted to interview her, here's a pitcher of her givin her sad, "won't somepuppy interview me, pretty please" look.....

Woowoo's & Playbows
Cracker (Southern Gentleman)