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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tagged by Guiness & Shiloh (and a new tag game)

Howroooroooroo Everypup! (& Wilbur)
The humom finally got back home on Thursday nite, we gave her a day of rest but then I had to threaten her with multiple applications of the claw if she didn't get on the 'puter and catch up with all our friends! At least she came bearing gifts, we each got a cool new woodlands stuffy that look and sound like the real critters, a big rawhide braided chew and a smaller pigskin chew, and she got us this weird hairy lookin plastic wiggle ball that she said looked like fun, but not one of us has the least bit of interest in it! That's okay though, at least she remembered to bring us back presents from her trip. The first couple of days after she left Cracker was all pouty, and didn't want to eat or play or anything, but then dad started putting her on his speaker phone so we could all talk to her every night, and he was okay after that (course, dad had to wipe all our slobber off his phone after every call, hawroorooroo). One night we even serenaded her on the phone, she said our singing was beawootiful. Well....DUH!
When she got home we had a package from Harnessed to Hope, our treat cookbook is here! Yippee!! We can't wait to start trying some of the yummy recipe's, specially the freezer treats since it's still pretty hot here in Florida. Mikki & I both think that the pics of Mud Monster and DWB on the cover are CUTE, too, though the boys are jealous nobody asked them to pose!
We've been tagged back by Guiness and Shiloh to list all the nicknames we have for our humans, so here go's, mom first:
Bedhog (mom says she has to sleep in one corner in the fetal position cause we take up too much room, she COULD just sleep on the floor!)
Treat Dispenser
Worlds second best hunter
Keeper of OUR car keys
Kong Stuffer
Breakfast Glop Chef
Puddle Soaker Upper (I still have occasional accidents if she doesn't perform her doorwoman duties in a timely manner, I try to give her at least 3 seconds warning)
The NONONO shouter
Squooshy mattress (or pillow)
The dreaded BATH monster
Master Plucker (can everyhusky say coat-blowing season?)
Human Calendar & appointment scheduler
Sneaky Medicine Woman
Dirty Face (I hold her down with a front paw on each shoulder and thoroughly wash her face every morning before she's allowed out of bed)
My Favorite Lap
Favorite Chewtoy

Since they share a lot of the slave duties in caring for us, there is some overlap, but here are Dad's nicknames:
Bedhog & snoremaster
Treat Dispenser
Worlds best Hunter
Chauffer & keeper of our other car keys
Dinner Chef
"NO, Go OUTSIDE", shouter
It's 5AM, we need out!!
Sneaky Medicine Man
Bedbugs under the sheet gamepartner (we all love doing the "arctic fox dive" to kill the cooties wiggling under the sheet, otherwise known as dad's fingers)
Most clawed human
Mister Manners
Gimme the FOOD!
Hey Mister, what's it take to get some water in our dispenser?

While mom was gone we didn't have much to do during the day while dad was at work except think about all our new friends, and all the fun games we've been tagged to play, so we came up with a fun new tag game for all our doggieblogger buddies to play. As we've joined the pack, each of us has gotten a "theme" song. I think we mentioned this in a previous post, maybe, but here are our songs:

Chili: sung to the tune of "I'm a little teapot"

I'm a little Chilidog
Short and stout
Here is my tail
And here is my snout.
When I get all steamed up
Here me shout
I'm a Red Hot Chili Pepper
Better watch out!
(ok, this one's a little corny, but it was the humoms first & last attempt at writing lyrics, and the Boogieboy liked it....)

CrackerJack by Dolly Parton

CrackerJack, Best friend I ever had was
CrackerJack, but he was more than that,
a playmate, a companion, he was love & understanding
CrackerJack, best friend I ever had was
CrackerJack, but he was more than that,
Everything a kid could want,
I had in CrackerJack.

Mickey, you're so fine by Toni Basil....

Oh Mikki you're so fine, you're so fine
You blow my mind, Hey Mikki, Hey Mikki
(repeat endlessly, then some more....)

Black Betty by RamJam....

Oh Black Betty, BamaLamb
Oh Black Betty, BamaLamb
Black Betty had a child, BamaLamb
The damb thing gone wild, BamaLamb
She said I'm worryin outta my mind, BamaLamb

Starr & Ice had a combined Tune for the two of them:
Starry Night by Don McLean (with a little liberty with the lyrics, sorry Don)

Starry, Starr 'n Ice
Paint your palettes blue and grey,
Look out on a summer's day,
With eyes that know the darkness in my soul.
Shadows on the hills,
Sketch the trees and the daffodils,
Catch the breeze and the winter chills,
In colors on the snowy linen land.

Ok, everypup, Mom says I've worn her fingers out enough for one day, but she's proud of us, she says we're a very eclectic pack, (whatever that means) and I do want her to check all my friends blogs and catch up on all the pupnews and doins....
We tag Army of 4, Holly, The Mullins Clan & the Kapp Pack. What is your song? If you don't already have one, try to think of one that fits your name or personality, or if possible, BOTH!

Husky Hugs and Manykisses,
Bama & the River Hill Pack