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Click here to donate to the CareAgain Wolfpack

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I'm going to keep this very short & sweet, but hopefully you'll remember a couple of posts ago, my plea for help for the wolves in Colorado. They now have a blog of their own, you can go visit them at:
Please help spread the word, the more people that know about it, the more likely that they'll get the help they need & deserve!
Thank you in advance everypuppy, kitty, and your 2-legged slaves.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Home Destruction continues...

First off, we'd like to thank Miss Hollybollybananaboo & Team Husky for this award they gave us:

The Jack of Hearts of Cyber Sibes fame also sent this award to our Mikki.
Thank woo all so much! We'd like to share this award with all of our blogging friends that haven't already received it, each and every one of woo makes our day brighter, and helps us to feel better when times get tough. Thank woo, each and every one of woo!

Next we'd like to reassure our good friend Pippa, yes we are all okay, but due to the ongoing destruction in our house, our computer was out of commission all last week. We finally got it back up and running again yesterday. Something goofy happened to our modem when mama disconnected it and when we got it all hooked back up we couldn't get online. So the nice people at AT&T sent out a tech-guy who hooked us up with a new modem, now we should be good to go. After he left mom spent most of the day putting the rest of our office back together, then she and the Boogieboy went shopping. She had promised to get him memory cards for his new digital camera & his new Playstation he got for Christmas. When they got home he wanted to play with his Webkinz Siberian Husky, HotRod, online, so mom really hasn't had a chance to get in here and get a post up for us until today. It seems that the worst is behind us, at least we're able to spend time with him on the weekends, and will have him again all of next weekend, as the dad is in charge of booking & scheduling bands to play at a music festival going on at our Metropolitan Park next weekend.

Finally the back half of our house is done, the bedrooms, bathrooms & office are back to normal, but the front half of our house is a mess! Our tile guy is gonna start in our family room tomorrow, so mom & dad moved out all the furniture today. We like having the big open space to play in, but our couch, loveseat & chair are all gone! We don't know where we're going to sleep & lounge!

Daddy still hasn't had an opportunity to get on the 'puter, so we still haven't got any new pics uploaded, but promise we will have in time for our next post. In the meantime, we have to tell you about our new Husky Pawty Room & Hangout! In our last post we told woo that mom had a project going on in our sunroom. Well...she was concerned that we couldn't be left out there unsupervised cause somepuppy figured out that they could go through the screens very easily, and if they went through into the sideyard they could then dig under the fence and escape. So in the middle of the tile job she got our handman guy to build us some cool louvred panels to fit into each screened section. She had 3 stained glass windows that hung out there, and he built 3 of the panels with openings in the middle so the windows could be mounted and secured. These only come up about halfway in the screened sections, but are now too high for anypuppy to rip out the screen & escape. Then they replaced our rickety screen door with a new steel mesh security door, and voila!, we have a beawootiful, secure & husky proofed room to hang out in, that has a cool tile floor & ceiling fan to keep us comfy in all kinds of weather. Some of you pups might remember the post of the mosaic sun that Chili helped mom design for the floor out there, that's always been our favorite room, but now we can hang out and pawty without having to have the skinslaves present to spoil our fun. We can't wait to show woo all the pictures of our pawty room, if any of woo pups are ever in Jax, FL, woo're all welcome to come hang out & pawty with us! Mama says we have to share with her, cause it's her favorite room in the house too, but so far we haven't had to share much, she doesn't get much time to just go out there & relax, except maybe with the occasional glass of adult grape juice late at night. She said that after all the destruction is complete she & dad might have some friends over to cook out & play cards out there, we suppose we can share for that, as long as we get some of the tasty stuff off the grill!

Next we want to thank all our friends who've donated to the wolfies, and who've put links on their pages to the donation site. Mama talked to Jacqueline on Friday, she is a very cool & caring lady who is extremely knowledgable about lots of stuff about wolves & medical care, mama says she deserves all the help we can give her. We just wish we didn't live so far away from Colorado so we could help her more, and get to know our ancestors! She said she has lots of very cool, one-of-a-kind wolfie stuff that can be sold to raise money, so mama is going to try to find out how to post the stuff on ebay to be auctioned off, more news to come about that as soon as mama figures out how to go about it, so keep checking back for more news. We'll be posting pictures & links as soon as we can get it all set up for her.

Finally, we just learned about the sad loss of Durango, his poor mama, Marilyn has had such bad luck & sad times with her pups in the last year, losing Dakota last spring, Thrawn right before Christmas, and now her beawootiful new baby Durango. Please go to their page, at:
and share some love and sympathy. Nobody should have to go through the losses she has in such a short time, and nobody is more caring or loving to her pups than she is, our hearts are breaking for her, and for her pack, but we're sure it helps her to know how many pups and skinslaves are out there sending love and caring about her and her babies. Little Durango, run free, North of the Rainbow Bridge, wear your silver harness with pride, and know that all the blogging doggies & their humans are sending their love to woo & wour pack, woo stole our hearts in the short time we had to get to know woo.

Well, guess we better let mama get back to the home destruction duties, we still have some old tile in the kitchen & laundry room that needs to be removed before the new tile can go in, it can't be soon enough for us. Mama says with all the dust that's been stirred up removing old tile & grouting the new tile that she can't even find the furniture under the thick coating of grime on everything, she's even more ready than we are to have this done & behind us so she can get our den cleaned and dusted, and back to normal!

Kisses to all our blogging buds, we've missed woo all very much!
Bama & The River Hill Pack