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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Whooos of relief, dreams of grinders, and celebrity rants

Hooowwwooooo, Everyhusky!
We got grrrrreat news from the Kapp Pack and Queen Meeshka's site, Rex was found safe and sound this morning, thank DOG! We hope he enjoyed his little adventure cause we're pretty sure his foster parents are going to have him on double super secret probation for a while...Sorry Rex, but that's the price you pay, (and you really are better off letting the humans take care of your every whim anyway, it can get pretty rough out there on your own).

We're all excited here. Mom & Dad have been cooking all our meals since the petfood scare, but we still have occasional problems with soupy poops, so mom started looking into the BARF (Bones And Raw Food) diet. She read somewhere that huskies can't digest cooked chicken fat, and even though they try to get all the skin and fat off before they cook our dinner, we still get a little bit, and that's the only thing that she can think of thats upsetting our tummies, so she's shopping for a meat grinder that can handle bones. She said she'll start getting us all kinds of tasty meats and fishes and grind them up whole with fresh fruits, veggies and grains, and see if that does the trick. I heard her talking to dad about apples, carrots, broccoli and oats, in addition to chicken, pork, beef and lamb. We're all drooling at the thought.....Dad's afraid eating raw meat isn't safe, and he worries that we'll all get trickynoses or salmon-Ella, but huskies don't do tricks, at least not without treats, and the Barf diet sounds like a treat to us. We've all discussed it and can't come up with one single trick that any of our noses can do, and we love salmon (whatever it's name is, although Ella is a funny name for a fish) so we decided dad made that up, or he's been hanging out with some pretty weird huskies! Mom says if we weren't domesticated nobody would cook our food, wolves and coyotes don't fire up the grill before they eat, and look how much we all love the tasty snacks we catch in our yard, dad hasn't grilled a single squirrel or possum for us, so she thinks it's worth a try....We now have them cooking for us all day long on Sunday, then they bag up a weeks worth of meals and freeze them, mom says if the Barf diet works it'll cut out a huge amount of the prep time, and we will have more time to play outside or go do something fun, so it sounds like win/win to us. What do all you huskies out there in blogger world think? To Barf, or not to Barf, that is our question.

Now for the rant, gggggrrrrrr....another stupid celebrity got all their dogs taken away this week, starving, no water, and beat up, not to mention the bodies of the poor furkids buried in the yard! Our mom loves sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa county, Aridzona, (that's where she spent her puppyhood). He took the poor pups to one of his holding facilities to be cared for, and nursed back to health if possible, and said on the news that he won't tolerate people who abuse animals in his county, he'll throw the book at 'em. We hope it's a really HEAVY book! What is with these celebrities abusing dogs and using them to make money from that abuse??!! Do they think they're above the law? We think Queen Meeshka should put her "justice system" picture on another line of fashions that say "Our opinion of people that abuse animals for profit and "sport"" .That DMX rapper guy should have picked a different place than Maricopa County, sheriff Joe is the same guy that made news a few years back for making prisoners wear pink underwear, eat green bologna, and sleep in tents in the desert (when they complained of the heat and "inhumane" lodging, he said "if it's good enough for our soldiers in Iraq, it's more than good enough for convicted criminals", you go, Joe!). Sheriff Joe is our hero, and we think he should make the responsible person for this horrendous abuse live in a tent in pink underwear, celebrity or not, but green bologna is too good for anyone who could treat animals like that. Mom says she's afraid this is just the tip of the iceburg, the more of these guys that get caught, the more names will come out and the more will get caught, it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better, and a lot more celebrities and sports stars are going to have to face the music. That's ok with us, as long as they stop more dogs from being abused and neglected.
Whhheeewww, I feel better getting that off my chest.....

I guess I'll let mom have the 'puter back now, she said she wants to look up barf recipes and find out the ratios for the ingredients, so she can do the math and figure out her furball grocery list, (1 meal x 4 huskies x 7 days = HAPPY US!!) sounds like a worthwhile activity so I'll smell y'all later...
Bama & the RHP

Friday, August 24, 2007

Alert-Escaped Foster Husky

If you are in Pennsylvania, please follow this link to read about Rex, who escaped from foster care and is just finishing up heartworm treatment.
Sorry, our humom is hopeless, can't figure out how to create a link in a post, but here's the address.....or you can follow the link to the Kapp Pack at the bottom of our page

The COLD War-version 2

Northern Breeds vs. 2-legged humans (notice, "humans" isn't in caps?!)
I'm so aggravated at the humom I can hardly type! I just couldn't believe that all our new friends had deserted us, so I told her to check her settings, maybe she had done something that wouldn't allow anyone to leave us comments anymore....sure enough, she had the "moderator" setting so that I would have to approve any comments left before they would be published. But....(and here's the really stupid part), she didn't have the email notification set so that we would know anyone had left us a message, and she never thought to check her settings! And here I thought all my new friends had forgotten me already, but NOOOOO, there's all kinds of messages from lots of our new buds. If I weren't so PO'd at my slave, I'd be dancing for joy. (OK, I'm dancing for joy inside, but I refuse to let HER see it, I barely managed to restrain my urge to P on her!!!)
If I wasn't here to keep track of her our blog would be on the other side of the RB with all our favorite recorded programs from the DVR. I just don't know what I'm going to do with her, does anyone out there have an experienced secretary in need of a job? One more screwup and I'm gonna have to fire her. ;>~
Army of 4, I'm adding your link right now while she's on her best slavish behavior, please do add us to your site, us furballs gotta stick together, the humans are hopeless....

Thursday, August 23, 2007

We're SO lonely

I'm beginning to get a complex here....I know I was incommunicado for a couple of weeks with a dead computer, but the funeral is over, I'm back up and running, and nobody will come see me. Is it my breath? Maybe it's Chili's breath,...if I make him promise not to breathe on you will you come see us??? Even though we live in Florida, our shoulders are getting cold.....We miss all our new friends, what happened to everyone???
I'm thinking the only ones getting my manykisses are my own pack!
Sitting here tapping my claws impatiently on the keyboard, waiting for someone to come visit....

This is us waiting for the emailman to bring us a message (Mikki is off somewhere admiring herself in the mirror, but the rest of us are waiting to hear from our friends....
Bama & the RHP

Monday, August 20, 2007

Newest pics

It's probably kind of hard to tell since we're both reclining, in MY recliner, but I told y'all I was almost as big as Mikki already! Mom & Dad keep trying to get pics of us standing next to each other, but usually if we are that close, the teeth are out, and we're arguing about who is going to listen to who.... Look at the expression on Mikki's face, she's already thinking about yelling at me.

And there she goes.....This is how most of our pictures look....Sibling rivalry! That sister of mine will never accept that I am the queen, at least until I'm big enough to sit on her until she squeals "UNCLE"

I've been really studying Cracker's moves, now that I'm big enough to keep up in "husky tag", and thought I had him figured out, but tonight he looked at me and said "I taught you everything you know, but I didn't teach you everything I know", then he zigged while I was zagging and I ran headfurst into the fence! When I turned around he was laughing at me, but I just shook out my fur, gave him my best haughty look, and said "I meant to do that!"
Here is Cracker looking skeptical: "yeah, right....whatever!"

And Chili laughing at us both:

We got our blogathon prizes from Queen Meeshka today, in addition to the pawprint keychain, she also thru in a cool little husky stuffie keychain, but mom wouldn't let us have it (although we were all really interested to see what he had inside him) . Mom put both of them on her car keys, she said they go with the husky decor in her car, 2 husky stickers in the back window, 2 husky beanies on the dash, a fine coating of fur on all the surfaces, and nose prints on all the windows! We had to agree, the keychains were the perfect accessory for our perfectly decorated car. Thanks Meeshka , we love our prizes!
In the human news, we're all really glad that Michael Vick person is finally going to face the music, if he was here we'd all bite him. Mom said for punishment they ought to put him in a pen with one of his fight-trained dogs so he can get a taste of his own poison.
Not much else to tell, kind of a slow Monday, guess I'll go for now, maybe I can convince mom that it's time for desert...