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Saturday, July 12, 2008

We need an intervention


Our mom has a terrible addiction, and dad and all her friends are enablers. It's time for an intervention. We need a recommendation for a good rehab center, or program we can get her into, her excesses are really getting out of paw. If she keeps this up we're going to have to buy a bigger house.

She's a Huskaholic. It's sad but true. We told you about Osiris coming to stay with us until he could find a ride to his new home. Well.....about a week after he got here, she and dad were talking about how he fit right in, and how much dad loves him because he likes to cuddle with dad in bed, and she saw her chance, and pounced! Next thing we knew, she was talking to that nice Heather lady on the phone for two whole hours! They agreed that they were having a lot of trouble finding him a ride, and that Heather might be able to help another nice pup in a shelter closer to her if he's not there, how much she and dad love him and want him to stay, and all of the sudden, we're a pack of FIVE! Nobody asked ME if I wanted another brother!!

We can't give any details right now, she doesn't want to jinx it and nothing is even close to decided, but she was already working on a possible 5th addition before he got here, so if that turns out the way she hopes, we could end up being a 6-pack! When she mentioned that to dad, he said "Greatttt....then you'll start talking 12-pack, 18-pack & case!"

So....long story short, his name has been shortened to Siris, and he's here to stay. It wouldn't be so bad, but he took my spot in bed with dad. I refuse to share the bed, so I've been sleeping in the family room on the love seat. The only good thing I can see about having to share my dad time is that he keeps the Bamonster really busy playing all the time, and she doesn't have nearly as much time to chew on me anymore. That has been a blessing, as I've been her favorite chew toy for over a year. He's also the only one that can roll her over and hold her down while he chews on her, so it's kind of nice to see her getting what she's been dishing out evfur since she got here. He and Cracker came to a truce, and are getting along just fine now, as long as he remembers that when it comes to mom's cuddle time, Cracker comes first. Chili just ignores him, but that's nothing new, he pretty much ignores evfurrypuppy anyway as long as they don't try to get in his face or take his favorite spot on the couch.

I don't really mind him being here, he's very polite and tries really hard to get along with evfurrypuppy else, but somehow I always end up being low pup on the totem pole, I guess I'll have to start putting my dainty little foot down and demanding attention like evfurrypup else, but I really worry that her addiction has spiralled out of control. We lost all our lovely bones we had stashed around the house, we are on stuffy restriction to make sure nopuppy fights over toys, and I can't sleep in my own comfy bed anymore. If anypuppy out there knows of a good treatment center, please let us know before there are so many of us she can't remember all our names anymore! Or maybe there is a group for us to learn how deal with her addiction, anypup evfur heard of Huskanon? Seriously, I wonder if my sweet Jack-of-Hearts has room for me at his house, I liked it much better around here when evfurry night was a 3 Dog Night. My annoying sister was bad enough, but now things are just getting out of paw, and becoming a pain in my fluffy tail!

Mom & dad have taken lots of pictures in the last week or so, but haven't pawed them out of the camera thingy yet, so I don't have any new pics to share with you, but we'll get some up here soon, I pawromise! In the meantime, if you have any suggestions to help us break her habit, please let me know.


The Army of Four said...

Ha roo roo rooo! RHP5! How cool is THAT?!?!
Congrats, Siris. Way to work the Siberian charms on 'em!
Play bows,

Eva said...

I wish we could get another so that I wouldn't be Brice's favorite toy any more.

Princess Eva

P.S. A six pack sounds so much better than a five pack.

Dakota said...

Oh, oh, oh, another brother in law! I'm excited for all the RHP!
PS - If my Chili needs another place to hang his collar, I have just the spot............

Love to my southern family!

cyber-sibes said...

A-roos, Mik!
Woo can come stay with me anytime, darlin! They have a silly rule here about not having more than two dogs per household, but you & Star look enough alike we could fool em into thinking we only have two!
Congratulations Sirus, and be nice to Mik or woo will have to deal with my furry. I mean fury.

Woos & a-rooos
Jack a-roo
& Star too

The Daily Echo said...

We're so glad it all worked out. And don't forget about a baker's dozen - that would be 13 I believe but 13 is not a lucky number so you'd have to get 14. You've got a ways to go!

Kapp pack said...

Don't worry! My mom has the same addiction!

Woo woo, KA

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

Our mom has an addiction like that too...only hers is for Airedales! We don't think there IS a cure! Good luck and welcome to Siris!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Welcome to the blogging pack, Siris!

Pippa said...

Hiya Mikki
Siris looks a very handsome bro. And you have to feel sorry for him.
It is good news for huskies that your mom has an addiction to helping unloved huskies.


cyber-sibes said...

We gave you pups an award on our blog!

Woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo

Team Husky said...

Hey puppers!!!

We at Team Husky have presented you with a cool new award - check it out on our blog!!!

Prince, Summer & Suki

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

See, us Sibes, are addicting! You can't have just one, hawoo hawoo!! What's one more furball!

Welcome Siris!

-Cosmos & Juneau-

Anonymous said...

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